The advantages of silicone sex dolls over other plastic toys are many. The first is that silicone dolls tend to have more realistic bone structure and facial features. They are also more expensive, but they are finer sculpted and generally have more realistic features. Moreover, silicone dolls can be made to order - the only downside is that they are more expensive. You can find many types of silicone sex dolls, including a variety of custom-designed dolls, which are usually much more expensive.


You've probably heard about Elodie, the cute Asian student with the sex doll body. She's got pale skin and dark hair, and small breasts. Elodie prefers to play video games after class and wants to explore her sexuality with a willing partner. But what exactly is Elodie? The name says it all: she's a petite Asian student who wants a little fun.


Ahri is a beautiful, well-sculpted silicone sex doll that is always ready for some rough play. She loves BDSM and rough sex, and she's always ready to experiment. She has a long, lean body, and has a flat, sexy chest that will make you want to squeeze her like real! And with her long legs and sexy figure, you're sure to have a great time with Ahri!


This small, 100cm mini sex doll is a good choice if you're in the market for a smaller sexy love doll. Her petite frame is complemented by big brown eyes and luscious blonde hair. Small, delicate features complete the overall look. Her body is built for maximum penetration and she takes up six inches of space in her mouth for maximum pleasure. If you're a man, Mari will definitely satisfy your lusting dirty old man fantasies.

WM Doll

If you are planning to purchase a sex toy, WM Doll is one of the best manufacturers. Not only are their dolls highly realistic, but they are also made of eco-friendly TPE material. The production process of these sex toys is also unique because of the way they are made. The silicone dolls are made from smooth, supple TPE material with realistic facial features. Besides, a sex toy from this brand has a seamless neck design and a bouncy body with a plump bubble butt.


The new Irontech silicone sex doll features realistic facial features and is made of TPE, or what is called Cyber-skin. This material is environmentally friendly and is already widely used for high-end adult products. Irontech dolls are up to 100 cm tall and feature full-functioning anus and mouth. They even have a realistic built-in tongue and heating rod. To further enhance your sex experience, Irontech dolls come with cleaning devices and are accompanied by metal sensors on the soles.

JY Doll

If you're a sex addict, you may already own a JY Doll silicone sex toy. Made of TPE, this doll is designed to provide total control over your appearance and load. Its smooth, silky skin and soft insides provide you with the realistic experience you're seeking. The TPE material also ensures the safety of heating the JY sex doll.

Sino Doll

A Sino Doll silicone sex dolly can make the experience of sexual intercourse even more fulfilling. Its textured silicone skin resembles the feel of human skin and is customizable for different parts of the body. A Sinodoll's breasts jiggle like a real female's, making the experience all the more satisfying. Its interchangeable heads also allow you to customize the looks of your Sinodoll silicone sex doll.


The latest addition to the Gynoid sex doll line is a real-life female body shaped like a woman. This model comes with realistic freckles, make-up, and a human-like touch. Moreover, it's made from tough silicone to give the doll a life-like touch. Additionally, the dolls come with finger joints for realistic movement. Ultimately, this sex doll is an excellent investment that won't break your bank.