Once you've secured this Gd, then return to RuneScape Gold the one you were on and aid your team in eliminating the monsters. If you come across a de, take ggs back to your gd , and repeat the process. This is an example of a general example , but it's the main procedure to adhere to.

Be bossy; this isn't anything to do, but its helpful. If you realise that there are some doors still open and you need to run them, then make your friends start killing the boss; don't leave them waiting. If you find a mercenary don't back off and sit and watch, just charge it, if people are becoming hesitant, lure them by using tricks such as "ggs for many salves" and the ggs can be found in a ramokee or mercenary.

Do not let your teammates take on so much effort. Remember, you are already taking your time and effort to make your floor a little more slick; If they aren't happy and help properly, simply punch them. However, before you do that offer the player a chance to redeem themselves by rushing to a gate distant door or some other.

Yeah I suppose that will be fine. I've not looked over your stats, but if you're capable of completing the Void Quests, buying the Korasi is a nice thing to have. It has a high chance of stab and is 1 Handed. But, using a Chaotic Rapier would be the best thing to use. Since it offers a higher attack rate/high stab/high strength. If you are working towards this then you're set.

I'm supposing you'll melee them using Protect of Melee prayer. Therefore, I'd suggest switching to Recipe for Disaster Gloves or Barrows If you are able to. Dragon Boots are a good choice for the Strength Bonus, since Bandos aren't blessed with Buy RS 2007 Gold a Prayer Bonuses, and greater hits faster kills less Prayer needed. I'm not entirely sure if you can make any changes to The Obsidian Cape. A Fire Cape/Soul Wars Cape/Skill Cape would be much better. I'm not certain how you can obtain them yet. So , yes an Obby Cape or God Cape will be fine.