How does the cosmetic treatment pump's lotion pump work?
Here you will learn how the lotion pump works. This guide will help you understand how the components work together.

First press
The first press is the first time you apply pressure to the actuator. The press will cause multiple activities within the pump. The STEM driver and SUB-STEM work together to exert pressure on the spring. The spring is compressed, releasing the pressure on the outer wall of the piston, thereby creating friction on the inner cavity wall. When this happens, friction will cause the piston to form a hole in the SUB-STEM. When the piston slides down, the discharge hole will dispense liquid upward, passing through the air in the housing.

Press several times
If you continue to press the actuator, it will cause all the air inside the actuator to escape. All air in the enclosure is exhausted through the exhaust hole on the SUB-STEM.

Introduce liquid into the pump housing
If you compress along the column, sub-column, piston and joints to allow air to escape, then it will help if you press the actuator with your hand. Due to friction, the piston will move downward. The discharge hole is closed, and a vacuum state is formed inside the shell. Here, the glass ball is sucked up, causing more liquid to be sucked into the storage cavity.

Reserve liquid
Storing liquid is simple. Press the actuator several times. The liquid is stored through multiple suctions through multiple pressures on the pump head. Press until the liquid is fully and effectively stored in the pump.

The stored liquid should reach its capacity by filling the liquid chamber. When it is full, when you start another pressing session, the liquid will be ejected from the nozzle.

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