HID (HPS/MH) Hydroponic Complete Grow Kits for 4 Plants
HID (HPS/MH) Hydroponic Complete Grow Kits for 4 Plants https://www.growpackage.com/products/complete-4-plants-grow-kit-hydroponic-hid-hps-mh #growlight
HID (HPS/MH) Hydroponic Complete Grow Kits for 4 Plants
This grow tent kit is made up of a mix of essential nutrients and equipment to instantly maximize your 4' x 4' grow space. Get proficient in growing indoors fast with this all-in-one grow tent system. This Grow Kit includes: Grow Tent : Option 1 : Grow Tent : BLACK BOX GROW TENT 4' X 4' X 6.5' The Black Box 4'x4'x6.5' Grow Tent is a sealed indoor growing space for starting new plants from seeds or cuttings without the need for an exterior greenhouse. Use Black Box 4x4x6.5' Grow Tent to separate plants at different stages of development, vary the internal conditions based on individual plant requirements, or experiment with different lighting to determine the best combination for growth. The exterior is made from a thick black canvas and has a silver reflective interior coating which lets the light provided from your grow lights stay concentrated on the plants. The Black Box also features metal framing made of strong, durable, steel tubing and heavy-duty zippers ; the venting and cord holes offer sleeves with draw strings to seal the exit ports around ducting and cords. With a removable divider wall in the middle, the Black Box enables you to manipulate the growing environment so that you can achieve the optimum climate for your plants growth. Specifications Size: 4' x 4'x 6.5' (120 x 120 x 200 cm) Pole diameter (1mm thick): 1" (25mm) 4 Equipment support arms included Max hanging weight per support: 33 lbs (15kg) Floor splash tray included Support straps included Weight: 31 lbs (14kg) Option 2 : Grow Tent: Secret Jardin 4’ x 4’ x 6.5’ Dark Street DS120 Secret Jardin Grow Tents are professional features robust construction, made of the best reflective Mylar and heavy-duty, tear-proof canvas. Multiple windows provide plenty of access for ventilation and cables, accommodating all configurations. Detailed Description: Revision: R4.00 Weight: 28.7 lb Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 79 in WebIT: 1x WebIT 120 Water Tray: 1x Water Tray 120 Ducting Flange: x2 Support x1 Connector 6' x1 Light Baffle Cable Flange: x1 Single Sock Handling: 2x Lightning holders and filter included, supporting up to 20 lb each Accessories included 1x Pair of HookIT - Hooks for lighting 15x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets 1x PocketIT - Tools pouch with adjustable height Option 3 : Grow tent : Gorilla 4' x 4' x 6'11 Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. Dependable and durable canvas provides a safe and secure growing environment, with solid metal interlocking frame, your indoor plants will be safety. Specifications Dimensions: 4’x4’x6’11” Height w/ Extension Kit: 7’11” Height w/ 2 ft. Extension Kit: 8’11” Weight: 50 lbs. Canvas Density: 1680D Pole Diameter: 19mm Door Quantity: 1 Ducting Port Quantity: 6 (11″ Double Cinching) Electrical Port Quantity: 2 (3″) Light Option 1 : Powersun 315 W 120V / 240V CMH Detailed Description: Input Voltage:120/240VInput Frequency:50/60HzAmperage Draw:2.6/1.3APF:>0.99THD:<1.7Weight:5.9 lbsFixture Dimensions:18’’L X 9.5’’L X 10’’H Package Includes : 1 x PowerSun 315W 120V/240V Fixture CMH1 x Power Cord Ushio Hilux Gros Bulb 315 W / 930 / Agro 3000K CMH Option 2 : FloraSun 600W High output HPS CONSISTENT IMPROVEMENT OF COLOR Horticultural lamp specially designed for abundant blooming Long lasting life Compatible with digital ballasts Ballast: PowerSun Electronic Ballast Fan-Cooled 600W HPS / MH 120 / 240V Extremely high frequency, works perfectly with standard and double-ended lamps ''Soft start'' program to allow multiple ballasts to start at the same time 120/240V - 50 Hz to 60 Hz Works with both MH and HPS lamps External breaker system protects against power surge Reflector: ADJUST-A-WINGS ENFORCER REFLECTOR MEDIUM + SOCKET KIT Detailed description: Perfect for a 600w lamp Option 3 : FLORASUN 1000 W HPS BULB CONSISTENT IMPROVEMENT OF COLOR Horticultural lamp specially designed for abundant blooming Long lasting life Compatible with digital ballasts Florasun 1000 W MH Bulb Horticultural lamp specially designed for vigorous growth For used with digital ballast POWERSUN E-BALLAST FAN-COOLED 1000W HPS / MH 120 / 240V ADJUST-A-WINGS ENFORCER REFLECTOR LARGE + SOCKET KIT Fan & Filter Powerful blow and lightweight, compact fan takes up minimal space. Efficient flow deflector feature increases air flow while cutting noise output. Use anywhere that would benefit from improved air flow to reduce humidity, clear the air and lower temperatures in grow rooms, greenhouses. You can say goodbye to high heat problems with the extra cooling. CAN-FAN S 600 270 CFM 6" INLINE FAN CFM: 270 at 0wg RPM: 2658 Max Watts: 79 Amps: 0.69 @ 120v AC 60 Hz Diameter :12.3" Length: 10.74" Blade Design: Centrifugal Weight: 11 lbs. Inlet/Outlet: 6" CAN-FILTER CAN-LITE MINI CARBON FILTER 420 CFM 6"X16" Made in North America 12 sizes from 89 - 3000 cfm, largest in industry Built in 6" flange Low pressure drop even on smaller sizes Lightweight Austrailian Granular carbon 2” Carbon bed 51% open perforation for maximum airflow Option 1 : Speedester Fan Controller Option 2 : GROZONE TV12 DAY AND NIGHT VARIABLE SPEED FAN CONTROLLER Day & Night setting. Automatically slows down or speeds up centrifugal fans to maintain user selected temperature setpoints (55°F to 95°F). Enables the user to select the minimum fan speed (Idle Speed) between 25% and 60% of full power. 6-ft temperature probe precise to 2°F/1°C. Can drive 120V induction motor type fans up to 750W, 6,2A. ETL Listed AUTOPOT 4 POTS SYSTEM KIT 47L TANK INCLUDED Autopot System Kit is an is an automatic and extendable self-watering system allows your plants to control how much they drink. Ideal for growing indoor plants or medicinal plants/medicinal plants. Easy to extend and modify, no need of power, pump or timer to operate! Detailed description Available sizes : 4 Pots + 47L tank, 6 Pots + 47L tank, 9 Pots + 100L tank Package Includes 1x 47L (12.4gal) reservoir & lid 4x 14,7L (3.9gal) pot 4x 1Pot tray & lid 1x 6mm top hat grommet 1x 6mm golf filter 2x 6mm cross connector 4x 6mm tee connector 2x 6mm inline tap 4x AQUAvalve 1x 3,9m (13ft) of 6mm pipe 4x Root Control Disc black & gold HYDROFARM AUTOPILOT TIMER 24H CYCLE / INTERVALS 15 MIN Using an analog timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light. Features : 15 minute on/off 15A/1725W Great for lighting, pumps, etc. Includes convenient clam shell packaging UL-listed AIR DUCT CONDUIT FLEXIBLE NON ISOL 6'' X 25' Size : 6" x 25' Available sizes : 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" COLLET SNAP LOCK 6SS (X3) THERMO-HYGROMTRE MIN-MAX SH-110 Digital Thermo-hygrometer (SH-110) for indoor and outdoor 6.5’ probe Buit-in clock and alarm Records min and max T° and humidity Readings in °C and °F NUTRI+ PH QUICK CHECK TESTER NUTRI+ SDT QUICKCHECK TESTEUR TNB NATURALS PH DOWN POWDER 1LB / 454GTNB Up Nutrients :REMO's Supercharged Kit 1 L Package includes 1 x 1L Remo's Grow 1 x 1L Remo's Bloom 1 x 1L Remo's Micro 1 x 1L Remo's VeloKelp 1 x 1L Remo's MagNifiCal 1 x 1L AstroFlower 1 x 1L Nature's Candy 1 x graduated syringe 1 x shot glass size cup 1 x lighter leash RISINGSUN XXL POULIES AJUSTABLES à FIL DE NYLON 75 LBS Windmaker Clip Fan 6" 120V 18W-14W 2 Speeds
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