Traveling with children can be both exciting and challenging, especially if they are traveling alone. Delta Air Lines has a specific policy in place for unaccompanied minors to ensure their safety and comfort during their journey.

Age Limit and Fee for Unaccompanied Minors on Delta

Delta's policy for unaccompanied minors applies to children aged between 5 and 14 years old who are traveling alone. Children between the ages of 15 and 17 may travel alone but are not considered unaccompanied minors. Delta charges a fee for unaccompanied minor service, which is in addition to the cost of the child's airfare. The fee varies depending on the route and ranges from $150 to $200 each way.

Booking an Unaccompanied Minor Delta

To book an unaccompanied minor on Delta, the child's parent or guardian must contact Delta Reservations. The agent will help to make the reservation and arrange for the unaccompanied minor service. Delta requires specific information about the child and the person dropping off and picking up the child, including contact information and identification. The parent or guardian must also complete and sign a form, which authorizes the child's travel and confirms the unaccompanied minor service.

Delta's unaccompanied minor service includes a designated Delta representative who will assist the child from check-in to the final destination. The representative will ensure that the child is boarded onto the flight, seated in a designated area, and handed over to the designated adult at the destination airport. Delta also provides snacks and drinks for the child during the flight.


In summary, Delta's unaccompanied minor policy is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of children traveling alone. Parents or guardians must book the unaccompanied minor service through Delta Reservations and complete the necessary forms. The child will be assigned a designated Delta representative who will assist them throughout their journey. While there is a fee for this service, it provides peace of mind for parents and ensures that children can travel safely and confidently.

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