To access the Story Express event in Lost Ark, sign in to your character and open the Event Quest window. From there, click the second tab and judge 'Story Express.' Please note that only characters who've not yet finished the 'On the Border' quest in Rethramis qualify for this speed-leveling feature. You can select all of your eligible characters to sign up, or you can produce a new character such as the Artist class specifically with this event. Finally, choose 'Start Event' to start the Story Express leveling process.

After picking out a character for that Story Express event, log in from your current character and sign in to the designated character. You should visit a purple banner using the message "Story Express in use" to verify that the selection was successful. Then, start progressing with the campaign to earn additional rewards.

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How To Use Lost ark Gold  Progression Events To Get New 1440 iLvl Characters Fast?

Now you ought to have a general knowledge of how these three progression events assist you to quickly improve new characters and alts at different stages and aspects. In fact, you will get the most out of them by combining them perfectly. Just stick to the steps below:

1. Make your new characters

2. Login with this character and begin Story Express with this character

3. Do the Story campaign till Vern and unlock Chaos dungeon/Guardian raids

4. You will get a Vern Pass by mail on that character that will boost your another character to lvl 50.

5. Make another character and employ that Vern Pass on that 2nd character and boost it to lvl 50 free of charge.

6. After you did, you will get another Vern Pass on that 2nd character, so that you can improve your 3rd character to lvl 50.

7. Now you have 3 characters at lvl 50 with 302 ilvl.

8. Reach 1340 ilvl together with your main character to obtain all the Story Express bonus items, and then leave it there.

9. When you finish Punikka questline together with your main/first character you'll receive a Punika Powerpass by mail, that will take any character to 1302 ilvl instantly.

10. So create a 4th character and employ your Punika Pass on that 4th character to create that character 1302 ilvl instantly.

11. At 1340 ilvl you need to select Hyper Express on a single of your character that you simply like most, select carefully which character you want to use your Hyper Express Plus on that will take your character to 1445 easily.

12. If you use Hyper Express Plus on a single of your character and take that character to 1445 will get 4 level 3 Engravings free of charge, we believe for two or 3 months you can use four by three engraving setup free of charge that will assist you to to do raids instantly.

13. Also whenever you reach 1445 with Hyper Express Plus, you are going to receive these loots and will also help your character even more

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