Several regions of the world have never heard of on-demand fuel delivery services. This is because the idea is still relatively fresh. But, during the past few years, just a few services have captured everyone's attention.


Understanding what Booster is?


A California-based startup called Booster Fuels provides fuel to colleges, business fleets, property owners, and campus-based businesses. Tens of thousands of employees who work at more than 300 firms, including eBay, Facebook, PepsiCo, Cisco, and Oracle, use our services. We successfully acquired $32 million in investor capital since our launch in 2014. By investing additional money, we want to grow into new markets.


To transmit power generated from source to vehicle, we claim to have "developed a cleaner energy delivery service." Typically, a booster lowers the need for multiple-excel wheelers and gasoline storage. In contrast to gas stations, clients receive the gasoline immediately. Deliveries of renewables, gasoline, diesel or biodiesel, DEF, etc. are made at all times and in all places. To make transactions simple, the app also provides integrated billing systems from USBank, WEX, Voyager, and COMDATA.


An app for on-demand fuel delivery


You must first install and register yourself before you can begin seeking gasoline. Today, all you must do to refuel your car is submit a fuel request using the application at your current location. After receiving your order, the fuel delivery firm, Booster will dispatch a fuel tank vehicle to your location. The assigned individual will arrive at your area with a fuel tanker by using GPS technology to navigate. When the individual arrives, he or she will fill up your car with fuel and note the delivery as finished on the Booster app. You will finally complete the process by making the payment.


Additionally, Booster offers businesses services and characteristics that provide them with unmatched information about your fleet operations as well as the cost reductions associated with mobile fueling. With the help of this, our fleet customers will be able to combine data from many places and fuel types into a single parent account, which will enhance the reporting and invoicing processes.



  • Business-level reporting and billing


Several location businesses are no longer required to switch among each location to view crucial fleet information. As a result, they may now use a sole parent account to examine the fleet efficiency of all locations. Simply log into the Booster Dashboard & select "All Sites" to examine order details such as the latest service date, usernames, fuel type, quantity of vehicles filled, quantity of gallons dispensed, and the overall sum charged.


There are numerous options for downloading data. To download a CSV file for every individual item, each monthly payment for a particular location, or for the entire business, simply click "Export Summation CSV" or "Export Details CSV" on the dashboard's top right-hand corner. Finally, you may download this information to a CSV file and toggle the service dates.


  • Insights from Combined Gas and Diesel


Companies that benefit both from diesel and gasoline no longer need to switch between accounts to get crucial fleet information. Gas and diesel information and billing have been combined into a single account. Users may now switch among All Types Of fuel, Gas Only, & Diesel Only at the dashboard's top. Users can view the most recent service date, the amount of cars filled, the type of fuel used, the quantity of gallons delivered, and the total cost charged.


Services by booster


We offer infrastructure-as-a-service to public sector fleets, including fire stations, school bus fleets, and corporate buses, through on-site mobile fuelling, helping them achieve efficiency, cost-savings, and results from the construction. For fleets with a variety of vehicle types & fuel product requirements, we fill the holes in your fueling process.

  • Tanks for underground storage

Fleets throughout the nation are gradually replacing USTs with more environmentally friendly options. By doing away with USTs, mobile fueling lowers maintenance costs and guards against dangerous leaks.


  • Energy Cards

The public sector's procurement procedure might be challenging. By seamlessly connecting with your current fleet gasoline cards, Booster offers a time-saving option and eliminates the requirement for an official RFP.


  • Complicated Remedies

There are rarely universal requirements for fleet fueling. To meet the changing demands of various fleets, Booster can provide numerous fuel kinds in a single trip.


With a Large Metropolitan School System, Booster Moves Quickly

To get mobile fueling service for its fleet of more than 200 automobiles with a variety of gasoline types, a significant metropolitan school district in the Pacific Northwest took advantage of the state contract that it already had with WEX. Before the beginning of the school year, Booster was capable of providing on-site fueling services in three weeks.

Supplying fuel to local and state government fleets

Our direct supply chain allows municipalities and states to select and fuel the cars they want irrespective of existing infrastructure while lowering the high upfront costs involved with constructing alternative energy stations.

Aging Storage Tanks Are Now becoming Into an Expensive Issue

Within the next two years, 75% of the country's underground storage tanks (USTs) will indeed be 30 years old, dramatically raising the risk of corrosion and leaking, as stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Fleet managers around the country are finding it expensive to perform the periodic checks and repairs necessary to prevent UST spills, so onsite fleet fuelling is filling the void.

Advantages of mobile fuel supply for fleets

Beginning every day with bigger engines of fuel help keep your team focused on the creative activities that benefit your bottom line. Fleet gasoline delivery offers savings that enable you to get far more petrol for your money than just convenience.


  1. First, fill up the tank


Increase route effectiveness:

Eliminate non-productive time spent refueling fleet vehicles to allow your staff to concentrate on clients.

Delivered when you have free time:

Because your fleet rarely needs to stop for fuel, every path mile becomes much more productive & allows for more emphasis on your clients.


  1. Optimize your processes


Stop going to the petrol station:

We take this pointless task off your team's daily to-do list.

Begin daily journeys more quickly:

Get an extra 20 minutes per member of the team per boost, on average.

Integrated seamlessly:

We integrate with existing fleet management and telematics technologies, as well as fuel card systems.


  1. Track your fuel insights and statistics


Overview dashboard:

Get vital data very ease, such as fuel consumption and gallons utilized, to spot problems early.

Reconciling the bills:

Handle reconciliations and bills all in one place with complete transparency.

Asset administration:

By having real-time access to fleet analytics and vehicle statistics, you can be sure that your vehicle is prepared.


  1. Pick the safest fueling method for your fleet.


Minimize the exposure of your team:

Each year, there are around 32,000 occurrences at gas stations.

Surpassing safety standards:

For the safe transport, storage, and distribution of fuel including DOT, EPA, and air quality regulations.

Adherence to the strictest standards:

Complete adherence to NFPA 30A, FMSCA, as well as the International Fire Code.


  1. Get in touch with knowledgeable fuel and energy advisors.


Free fuel evaluation:

Take advantage of a free consultation to determine your company's needs.

Managing personal accounts:

Create a partnership that benefits your company and make use of our customer experience team's full range of services.

On-site testing of the operation:

Provide a smooth enrollment and continuing fuel experience to position you for success.

Licensed and certified service professionals working full-time:

Get reassurance that all daily deliveries to your fleet are being handled with care.



Why waste time when you have on-demand fuel delivery because it not only saves time and effort but also money and lowers pollution. We have a chain of happy customers with solutions to their emergency gas needs. To join this chain and see how mobile fueling can lower emissions and save you money visit our website, connect with us, and have a seamless fueling experience.