Apps are now more commonly used by travelers to navigate the road than cumbersome, difficult-to-fold paper maps or even printable internet driving directions due to the near-ubiquity of GPS systems embedded into cars and smartphones. Even said, there are situations when it makes sense to plan your own picturesque route or have a backup mapping option in case of poor smartphone connection. You can afford to double up because the majority of driving directions websites and apps are free. With this look at the top choices, make an informed decision.

Maps on Google
Google's detailed road maps are the most accurate available, which is useful if you want to plan a scenic route rather than taking interstates or avoiding toll roads (where possible). Because to Google's extensive endeavor to map public roads throughout the world, this is unquestionably the best free online driving instructions tool.

Click "Street View" to access street-level images on the app or website that can assist you in accurately locating landmarks and destinations. Google will tell you the optimal driving route, available public transportation alternatives, flight timings, and in certain circumstances, the walking distance, if you plan a route from point A to point b.

The Google Maps app is especially helpful while you're driving and it's not safe to glance at a map every few minutes because it allows you to plan and recalculate your route in real-time and provides step-by-step voice directions.

Google Maps
Apple Maps, the navigation program that comes pre-installed on iOS devices, had a rocky beginning in 2012. Since then, the business has made substantial improvements to the app's interface and functionality, integrating Siri, the personal assistant on the iPhone, to provide smooth guidance. The Apple Maps app feels similar to other Apple products, stressing the design and user experience, in contrast to Waze, which is a little more cartoonish, and Google Maps, which has few bells and whistles.

Waze adds a social component that is the defining feature of its software while maintaining many of the fundamental characteristics of other mapping programs. Waze was acquired by Google in 2013, but it had already made a name for itself as a crowdsourced navigation tool. Among these are warnings from other motorists about impending traffic, roadwork, and police speed traps in your vicinity. Also, users can link their Spotify accounts to the Waze app to play the ideal traveling music.

mapquest driving directions

MapQuest directions, which has been online since 1996, has recently been outperformed by rivals like Google Maps and Apple Maps. The directions provided by MapQuest have historically been inaccurate, however more current versions of the service offer more accurate driving directions.

Identifying current traffic conditions and estimating gasoline expenditures based on current prices are two of MapQuest's most useful tools. The free MapQuest app and online driving directions are a fantastic alternative to the built-in navigation on your smartphone, even though it has lost its position at the top of the list of map providers.

Driving Instructions from AAA
The TripTik Travel Planner service from the American Automobile Association (commonly known as AAA) is accessible online without charge. You can print a paper copy of it to use in place of the outdated TripTik maps. While the directions will get you there, sometimes they can be a little confusing, so it might not be the quickest path. But, this tool is worth trying if you want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination because you can select a scenic route with only one click.

Be warned: The AAA website has the unpleasant requirement that you provide your zip code in order to access anything, which is an annoying extra step.

Online driving directions from Rand McNally
Although Rand McNally has been producing maps since 1856, it was a touch late to the game and didn't start providing free driving directions online until 1999.

If you haven't used Rand McNally for instructions, you should, especially if you're planning a lengthy journey with several segments. Even if you're unsure of your final destination, Rand McNally's website should be able to guide you there because you may personalize your route and it recognizes any address format.

Be aware that they are not as accurate as some other websites that provide directions and maps.

Source: mapquest directions