Running out of fuel, Booster is here to refuel !!!


The biggest cellular energy delivery business Booster was established in San Mateo, California. Booster directly provides traditional and alternative fuels and fuel to fleet cars, reducing carbon emissions, cutting expenses, and increasing access to renewable fuels . It is a folksy, tech-focused, and sustainability-obsessed company. During fleets' off-peak hours of operation, the energy-as-a-service provider purchases gasoline from the terminal and distributes it right to the fleets.


Fuel is supplied to a fleet of commercial vehicles by a Booster service technician. To cater to the requirements of a wide range of fleets, Booster's service model adopts an energy-agnostic strategy, acknowledging that each client's development in the energy revolution will look different. The company offers a range of fuels, such as conventional diesel fuel, renewable diesel, and other environmentally friendly fuels.


Booster presently provides services through a strong distributed power delivery network in hundreds of locations from coast to coast. By reimagining fleet fueling through the use of proprietary technologies and logistics, the company is assisting businesses in saving a mean of $1600 and 587 pounds of CO2 yearly per vehicle. Booster was chosen as one of Inc.'s Best in Company in the Logistics & Transportation category in 2022.


Services offered by Booster


Fleets are met by Booster where they are, both geographically and in their pursuit of sustainability. The mobile fueler has an energy-agnostic strategy, enabling Booster to customize its array of traditional and sustainable alternative options to each client's specific energy transition journey. Diesel fuel, diesel, sustainable energy diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, bio-diesel, synthesized blends, and ethanol blends are just a few of the fuels offered by Booster.  The company has also tested a program for mobile electric charging, which would offer a substitute for the permanent charging infrastructure's financial and grid capacity constraints.


Being a technology-driven business, Booster uses cutting-edge haulage, scheduling, and energy delivery systems to provide its service. The company's purple Smarter Tankers are fitted with the most advanced safety measures, including collision and overturning spill protection, unique routing AI, and IoT enablement.


The business also provides significant data dashboard services, which use information gathered during fuel deliveries to give fleet owners and operators in-depth insights. Fuel consumption, spending, projected cost savings, carbon pollution, and gallons pumped are among the metrics.


Booster has provided services for companies like Imperfect Foods, Ferguson Enterprises, Zum, and UPS.


Advantages of mobile fuel supply for fleets


On-site fleet refueling helps keep drivers concentrated on the job.


  • Average Saving per vehicle: $1600 annual savings on labor, maintenance, and wear and tear


  • Productivity increased for 61 HOURS: Recover time spent on fuel trips annually per employee


  • Each vehicle saves 587 LB of carbon emission helping to create a more Resilient Planet


  • Fewer auto accidents: Every year, there are around 32,000 occurrences at gas stations.


  • Limit exposure and contact: More than ten thousand times more filthy than public restroom seats, gas stations are severely polluted.


  • Boost your financial stability: According to the Secret Service, they recover over 25 card scanners per week, with each one containing information from about 80 cards.


  • Get rid of fuel theft: Due to employee misuse, 3-5% of gasoline purchases on average have yet to reach the specified fleet vehicle.


How does it make the process worth going for it?


Instead of using high-polluting 18-wheelers or wasting time at the gas station, Booster obtains fuel from the terminus and delivers it straight to your fuel system, fuel cell, vehicles, or equipment. The fuel of the highest grade is obtained directly from the terminus. Delivered in our small tankers to your location. Your drivers can concentrate on being productive.


Integrated Data and Insights for Fleet Optimization


Booster observations


Energy dashboard: It puts service, utilization, spending, and vehicle information at your fingertips.


Live information: Data and insights about integrated fleet optimization are delivered right to your device.


Improve your customer service: You can expand your fleet utilization and increase route capacity with insight-based decisions.


Data integrations for fleets


Integration of fleet management: We collaborate with the biggest fleet management firms, including ARI and Enterprise Holdings.


Integrations with fleet cards: To drive insights across your fleet, we integrate with major telematics suppliers like Geotab, Samsara, and Verizon.


360-degree Fleet Data: By utilizing your telemetry data and other crucial services, we provide a complete 360° overview of your fleet.



Small tanker: Our tankers are created from the ground up. They provide vital data collecting and quick field action.


Energy procedures enabled by technology


AI Routing: Extremely efficient routing using AI saves our customer money. The proprietary AI for routing used by Booster creates multidimensional plans for the best routes.


Fuel monitoring: Booster changes to meet your fleet and servicing needs as they change. We continuously monitor demand, tank deployment, and customer performance.


Service monitoring: Complete openness to our clients. The radical visibility into your service, car, and more are unlocked by our cutting-edge vehicle and driver monitors.


Smart Tanker with Cloud Connectivity


Facilitated by IoT: Our unique car tagging technology enhances vehicle identity and fuels information with fail-safes. Our team can increase efficiency thanks to Onboard IoT's full picture of routes and real-time situational data.


Remote management: Our service specialists can remotely manage tanker operations, improving both safety and productivity throughout the whole delivery process.


Safety and dependability: Our operations are the best in the sector thanks to our technology. The tanker steers clear of problems before our service person needs to take action thanks to learning algorithms & wearable technology.




The gas station does not meet the criteria for sustainable, efficient, or easy fleet fueling . Instead of sending every fleet driver to the petrol station, fleet managers ought to look at mobile fueling because it not only saves time and hassle but also money and reduces emissions. Read further on our website to find out how mobile fueling can reduce emissions and save you money.