Back in the day, you might have purchased a "draft guide" magazine at your local grocery store. In the early days of the internet, it was all about subscribing for "draft kits." In 2022, finding the best fantasy football cheat sheet is what it's all about, and we'd humbly like to throw our hat in the ring. Here, you'll eventually find our rankings ( , , , ) , potential , , and , , , stat projections, draft strategy tips ( , , , ), , , and much, much more.Whether you play on CBS, Yahoo, ESPN,, Sleeper, DraftKings, FanDuel -- and no matter your preferred format or type of league -- there's something below that can help you win big. From the best ballers to the IDPers to the dynasty league crazies who bug you in March about whether they should trade Elijah Moore and Aaron Rodgers for a future first-round pick, we're here for you. (Right now anyway...give us some time to ourselves in March, please.)MORE EXPERT FANTASY RESOURCES: | Week 1 gets underway on Thursday, Sept. 8 with the Bills and Rams, and we'll continue producing new content and updating the articles below right up until kickoff, so bookmark and check back frequently for the latest links (or ). We'll be there every step of the way as you prepare to dominate your Clyde Edwards-Helaire Jersey drafts.WEEK 1 FANTASY PPR RANKINGS: | | | | | WEEK 1 STANDARD FANTASY RANKINGS: | | | | | Contents: :We've updated and Ben Niemann Jersey refined these rankings so often that we can spell "Okwuegbunam" without looking. : You know a position is good when a back-to-back MVP barely cracks the starter tier. ( ) :Chances are, the guys in the 35-50 range will matter more than 20-34. ( ) : As usual, the second-year guys and rookies create the most intrigue -- and there's a lot of intrigue at this position.( : Hey, Irv Smith Jr. is back!( : The same D/ST hasn't finished No. 1 two years in a row this century, so we ranked last year's No. 1 at No. 2. Smart, huh? ( ) :Look, if you wrote a fantasy kicker rankings article, we'd give it a click, so just return the favor, ok? :Where Drew Lock is finally a top-125 fantasy player. : If Foye Oluokun isn't on your rankings cheat sheet, is it even a cheat sheet, bro?! :It's a loaded WR cla s and a strong RB cla s, but which first-year players should you target in redraft and dynasty leagues?No, there aren't leagues where you draft offensive linemen. (At least, we hope there aren't.) But knowing good offensive line units can help with your actual fantasy picks. :If you play on both sites, you need to know the key differences. If you play on Sleeper, then keep it moving, millennial. :The differences between these and our standard Top 200 start at No. 2 and continue all the way through 200. :Leonard Fournette gobbles up receptions like, well, like he apparently gobbled up everything else this offseason. :Holy crap, it's a Michael Thomas sighting! :Dawson Knox and Hunter Henry move down while Dallas Goedert and Mike Gesicki move up. What a time to be alive! : Drew Lock likes these rankings, too, even if Demarcus Robinson Jersey he's not quite as high as the standard version. Man, big day for Drew Lock. :Once again, our most shocking pick is Washington. You to see it to believe it! (And, no, we're not just saying that so you scroll to the end of the list and we get 32 pageviews. OK, we are, but still...) :There are three No. 1 overall picks on this list. :We'll just tell you now -- you're not gonna be happy Clyde Edwards-Helaire is on this list. You'll like all the rookies, though! :We just can't quit you, Bryan Edwards. :Chances are, you've streamed all of these TEs at least once. Maybe this is the year they find a permanent home on your roster. : If you're a D/ST streamer, you have to check out the section on under-the-radar teams with the best early-season schedules. :The steals start as early as the first round and continue all throughout your draft. Get your rookies, get your sophomores, get your...Cameron Brate. Alright, he's not very exciting, but some of his stats are. : We all love Jonathan Taylor, but who can afford him in our current rece sion? :Joe Burrow immediately jumps out as the best value on this list...unle s you're one of those Justin Fields truthers. :We get it -- Derrick Henry doesn't catch pa ses, but he's still too cheap in PPR. : Would you rather have one Cooper Kupp or three Terry McLaurins? The beauty of auctions is you can have both! : The drop in price from the top-tier guys to the third- and fourth-tier guys is really remarkable. : This is a $1 position regardle s of who's valued at $2. : Can you imagine clicking on this? Seriously, you can't imagine, right? It's almost crazy we wrote it....or did we? Maybe Rashad Fenton Jersey that link goes to a Youtube video of a cat playing ping-pong. Gue s you won't know unle s you click it. :Bold predictions: Someone from Tier 3 is finishing in the top five and someone from Tier 4 is finishing in the top 10. ( ) :We help you identify RBs to target regardle s of how you like to draft the position. Be Mecole Hardman Jersey warned: If you "wait on RB," you might not like the players available. ( ) : Yes, this position is loaded, but with just 10 guys in the top two tiers, a couple of owners won't be happy with their WR1s. ( ) : So, if you don't get one of the two top-tier TEs...what's the plan? ( ) :D/ST tiers are more of a week-to-week thing than a seasonal thing, but we still do our best. :If you're an IDP vet, you probably know most of these tips, but it never hurts to get a refresher. If you're new to IDP...may God have mercy on your soul.:We can't tell you to draft, but after reading this, you'll definitely know to draft. :Get all the numbers you can handle with Draft Sharks' projections based on our rankings. :Perfect your draft strategy in minutes with FantasyPros' fully customizable mock draft simulator. :Is the third pick a ble sing or curse? :Our No. 2 PPR player fell to us at No. 10 in this draft, so obviously things worked out well. :There are some really good players on this list, but if you overdraft them, well...then they're not gonna be that good, are they? :We're not saying you shouldn't draft these guys if they fall to the 10th round, but they're not going