Most affordable Online Islamic Education in the World

Before we begin our discussion let us first understand that what you lose when you save money and what is the real meaning of ‘Affordable’.

There's no such thing as a free lunch

A very famous quote by Milton Friedman says: “There's no such thing as a free lunch”, which means that everything comes with a cost, either in the form of money, time, or effort. It is often used to express the idea that there are no shortcuts or easy solutions to problems, and that there is always a cost or a trade-off associated with something, even if it appears to be free. This phrase is often used to indicate that there is a hidden cost or catch to something that is being offered for free.

Now as we have understood that nothing in life is truly free, and that there is always a price to pay for everything, whether it is monetary or in terms of time, effort, or resources it is also applicable for “Cheap things”. In fact, in most of the cases you get what you pay for and it is impossible to get something for nothing.

What you lose while saving money

So, when you save money while purchasing some product, you loose equal amount of Quality or Time in it. This doesn’t mean that you must always purchase a costly item but it means that you have to understand the role and requirement of that particular item in your life and find if it deserve that particular hard earned amount to be spent over that?


Understand the term Affordable

If you are purchasing a high value item which will provide you a better return, it is logically Affordable. You might be compromising with other things from your life to get that particular yet if it is within your expansible budget it can be considered as “Affordable”. Hence, we can understand that it is we who decide if a certain product is Affordable for us or not. Now, the question arises that how do we prioritize our expenditure to decide the Affordability?




Effect of expenditure in Affordability

To set the affordability we need to understand that there are three categories of expenditure, these are:

  • Essential Expenditure: The expenditure which may not affect your daily life but will ensure to enhance your future is called Essential Expenditure.
    • Example: Educational Expenditure
  • Regular Expenditure: The expenditure which is your day-to-day expenditure is called Regular Expenditure.
    • Example: Food and Cloth
  • Non-essential Expenditure: The expenditure which is done in order to build the social status is called non-essential expenditure.
    • Example: Building extra-large house


How much can we spend for Islamic Education?

While perusing Islamic Education, two things are  essential to be observed. It is Quality and Authenticity. It is important that when we are spending for pursuing Islamic Education, we are actually striving to earn a happy life in this world and a lot hereafter. So, as we are getting a lot from this product and this comes under essential expenditure we can spend a lot to pursue Islamic Education.


Which is the most affordable Online Islamic Educational Platform

We undertook research on 10 best online platforms here are the MINIMUM plan of each organization: (alphabetically arranged)

  1. Aya Institute                           ($150 per Month for 20 Classes)
  2. E Quran School                   ($37 per Month for 8 Classes)
  3. Hidayah Network                   ($34 per Month for 8 Classes)
  4. Islamic Classes                    ($40 per Month for 8 Classes)
  5. Islamic Tuition                        ($40 per Month for 8 Classes)
  6. Mishkah Academy                  ($20 per Month for 4 Classes)
  7. Online Islamic Institute          ($25 per Month for 26 Classes) or

                                                    (Rs 600 per Month for 26 Classes)

  1. Online Islamic Tuition            ($50 per Month for 24 Classes)
  2. Quran Pak Online Academy ($35 per Month for 8 Classes)
  3. Riwaq Al Quran                   ($32 per Month for 4 Classes)

We visited website of each Organization and took screen shot of their fee structure and compared to get best education on most affordable prices.


  1. Online Islamic Tuition:



  1. Islamic Tuition


  1. Hidayah Network


  1. Mishkah Academy



  1. Aya Institute


  1. Riwaq Al Quran


  1. Islamic Classes



  1. E Quran School


  1. Quran Pak Online Academy



  1. Online Islamic Institute

For Global Students



For Indian Students



Which is the Best Platform for kids to learn Islam:


We have made few criteria in order to decide the best Platform, these are:

  1. Teacher Qualification
  2. Results from existing students
  3. Class Duration
  4. Number of Classes per week
  5. Extra Curriculum activities
  6. Quality of Education
  7. Syllabus opted
  8. Examination procedure and
  9. Fee Structure


On our research we found that ONLINE ISLAMIC INSTITUTE is best among all the online platforms available to learn Quan for kids.


How Online Islamic Institute is providing best Quality Education with most affordable fee structure?

We have observed that online Islamic Institute is providing classes with less than 50% of those organization which comes next to it. Further, we researched that What we are losing while saving a lot of money in fee, and surprisingly we found that we are losing nothing but getting the best classes for our kids.

Hence, we dived further in to know the fact behind this amazing deal provided by the Institute and we found an Interview of Abu Hamza, the founder of Online Islamic Institute who himself tells the reason behind this offer.


Here is the reasons why Online Islamic Institute is providing best quality education yet in most affordable price, by Abu Hamza: Founder and CEO

“Indeed, we are the most affordable Online Islamic Platform to learn Islamic, for all ages and genders but simultaneously we keep striving to provide the World Class Islamic Education, this is possible due to under mentioned reasons:


  1. We provide least amount in marketing: only 4-5% of our monthly revenue is spent in marketing (Domain fee and social media content creation).
  2. Around 80% of the monthly revenue is spent on teachers as fees and other amenities.
  3. Remaining 15% are spent on students (For awards/books) and on Clerical staff payment.
  4. We use all the free resources: 0% amount is spent in IOT monthly. We use all the free resources for running daily operations of the institute such as Google Meet, Google Form, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Pay, PhonePe, CashBook App, Deeniyat Syllabus App, WhatsApp and Canva.
  5. Al hamdulillah, the founder and Building team of the Institute are all self sustained and hence 0% of the monthly revenue are spent on personal expense of board members.


These are the various reasons why we are able to provide best Quality education on most affordable price in the world. Indeed we are doing this for seeking the pleasure of Allah swt and we are finding inner peace seeing our students learning Islamic with the development of Love for Allah and His Messenger in their heart”.


                                                                                                Abu Hamza

                                                                                                Founder and CEO

                                                                                                Online Islamic Institute


If you are looking for providing Islamic Education to your kids or to yourself, we recommend you to visit and register for free demo classes. Amazingly, they provide 15 days of free demo classes which no other platforms provide and if you decide to discontinue after the demo, you may simply say ‘NO’ at consent form post completion of demo period. They do not chase or call to torture by emphasising to continue with them.


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