The policy to be preferred all risk: covers damage, fire, rescue costs. That should include civil liability insurance for transported third parties: covers injuries caused by error or inexperience of the skipper.  Before leaving, a deposit is paid which corresponds to the amount of the insurance allowance. For other types of possible accidents, additional accident insurance is required.

The contract: There is no single valid contract for all the agencies and organizations that operate in the charter and the charter. Therefore we must pay attention to what we subscribe to. Essential data: those of the shipowner and the customer, period, place of delivery, navigation area, payment methods.

In Mega yacht charter, 7 days is generally the minimum period of yacht charters accepted by yachts but charters can be for any duration more than 7 days. But in some circumstances such as off-season dates or charter yachts in between, you may be able to rent for less than a week.

When planning a Sailing yacht charter Greece for a multi-day trip, there are many things to consider. We will help you with all your questions from a checklist to insurance and if we would have been more comfortable in a motor yacht, sail, motorsailer or catamaran.

To add and not to forget: Detailed nautical charts, guides and pilot books from the area, correspondence instruments, a box of irons. It is useful to have a second one again. In the emergency room, it is better to add drugs against seasickness, antihistamines, and burns as well as chemical ice bags.

Before leaving, check the operation of the equipment included in the "checklist" with the agent of the agency. A lot of scruples is to be observed also for the more banal details: gas knob of the stoves, seacocks, WC, water tanks, etc. Any failure not detected before departure will be charged to you. The check is repeated on delivery.

Usually, the Catamaran charter rented is generally recent and well equipped. Normally they are included in the electronic log, depth sounder, VHF but not the GPS: better to rent a portable one.  Also, the tender is included, but not always the outboard motor. It is better to ask and in the case to reserve. Equipment not always included in the price is the spinnaker.