Maxgun 100 mg is a medicine that can help to treat erectile dysfunction in men and is always used as prescribed by a doctor.


The medicine helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotency in males along with it also treats premature ejaculation in men.


This medicine works by increasing your sexual endurance. However, this medicine works by augmenting blood flow and sending it to the penis and helps to maintain the proper amounts of erection.


This medicine comes with a combination of various medicines called phosphodiesterase also known as type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors.


Maxgun 100 mg Tablets are taken orally on empty stomach and you can consume this medicine with a glass of water or with food. You should take This medicine only according to the doctor’s prescription. The dosage of the medicine is advised to consume before one hour of sexual intercourse.


And it shows the results of just an hour of medicine consumption. This medicine always maintains the erection in the men and makes them sexually aroused. Furthermore, this medicine is recommended for men for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and this medicine is mandatory to consume per day with a single dose of amount.

Use of Maxgun 100 mg


Maxgun medicine helps in the Treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Buy Maxgun 100 mg has a blend of a variety of medicines that is called phosphodiesterase or also known as type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors.


This medicine enhanced blood flow and transmits into the penis which results in a good amount of erection and makes men stimulated sexually. Before consuming this medicine, better take recommendations from the doctor.




Consume This medicine orally and you need to take this capsule before 30 minutes of sexual intercourse with your partner. Below, the medicine’s dosage is mentioned in detail such as:

Dose : You need to take a single dosage of medicine throughout the day just one hour before sexual activity.

Maximum Dose : Take one Maxgun 100 Pill daily and it is recommended to take one tablet every day without any miss.


Make sure to consume This medicine as per a doctor’s prescription.

Take one tablet daily and do not exceed more than a single dosage otherwise, you may have to suffer from various side effects.

Maxgun 100 mg Online is not recommended for pregnant women or it may affect your babies in the womb.

In case, you are suffering from any kind of health problem, must discuss it with your doctor first before using the medicine.

If you notice any kind of serious effects, contact your doctor right away.

Consume this medicine at a fixed schedule.

Avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medicine.

Stop taking this medicine if you have any health problems.

Check the expiry date of the medicine before using it