Jumping jacks are a calisthenics exercise in which you must widen your stride, either with your hands raised or in a clapping motion, then jump back and repeat. Sounds like a joy, no? The strenuous gymnastics movements do cause your muscles to experience high pain and tightness.


The benefits of jumping jacks are many. Jumping jacks may seem like a simple workout, but it's important to do them correctly if you want to improve your health.

The advantages of jumping jacks

Good for heart 

Jumping jacks quickly speed up heart rate. This is crucial since your heart rate can tell if you are exercising properly or pushing yourself too hard. Exercises that increase heart rate are beneficial for the heart. Jumping jacks can assist in bringing your heart rate into the ideal range whether you are engaging in high-intensity or low-intensity activity.

Help in building muscle strength

Jumping jacks are an efficient way to increase muscle strength. The calves, hip abductors, core muscles, abs, lower back muscles, and shoulder abductors are examples of muscles used in jumping jacks. Due to this, jumping jacks are a common component of high-intensity interval training programs. This is one of the best benefits of jumping jacks.

Full body workout

Your body's temperature and aerobic capability are both raised by jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are typically performed as a warm-up exercise or as part of a cardio workout because of this. Full-body exercises aid in both weight loss and body toning.

It reduce stress

The majority of aerobic workouts also have the added advantages of lowering stress and raising mood. Endorphins, which are happy hormones that lessen stress and pain perception, are released. Jumping jacks are effective at lowering stress. You can do it everyday to get these benefits of jumping jacks.

Helpful for weight loss

For a person who weighs 70 kg, performing jumping jacks for about 30 minutes can help burn as many as 186 calories. Jumping jacks might therefore be a useful addition to your weight loss program.

Increase bone density

Increased bone density is one of the main benefits of jumping jacks. In order to lower the risk of fractures, higher bone density is important. Jumping jacks and other high-intensity exercises aid in the formation of new bone cells and a dense mineral matrix in the bones.

Improved coordination

Jumping jacks have health benefits for your brain in addition to the other muscles of your body. This exercise improves coordination, balance, and rhythm by requiring your body's many muscles to work together.


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