If you want to see something unique that saw then you should come to Anamalai tiger reserve. This post will inform you of some fascinating details about to Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, formerly known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary or National Park. The park, named after the former prime minister of India "Indira Gandhi," is situated on the Annamalai Hill in the Taluks of Pollachi, Velparai, and Udumalpet in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, India.


If you are scheduling a tour with your friends or family or if you want to go want your weekend then you go to Anamalai tiger reserve there you will see a new type of aminals or birds. If you are an animal lover, you should come here without a doubt because you will see different types of animals like tiger, elephant, panther, jackal, wild dog, Indian fox, jungle cat, wild dog, etc. when you arrive. The environment or weather of this place is pollution free because there are many trees that make it pollution free and give fresh air.

Around 250 distinct bird species call the park home. The following species may be found in the area: cormorants, ducks, teal, darter, partridge, quail, jungle fowl, spurfowl, Indian peafowl, parakeets, hornbills, Asian barbets, drongos, orioles, shrikes, warblers, Old World flycatchers, woodpeckers, leafbird, trogons, kingfishers, storks, e The Anamalai Tiger Reserve is home to 15 of the 16 bird species that are exclusive to the Western Ghats, including the near-threatened great Indian hornbill.


Tiger habitat measures 958.59 square kilometres, and the park as a whole occupies 1479.59 square kilometres.

How you will reach this park?


Although Anamalai Tiger Reserve does not have an airport or a train station it is well-linked to many of the nearby major cities and villages. From the train station and airport in Coimbatore, you may quickly and cheaply go to Pollachi by taxi or public transportation.

The weather at Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary


If you are travelling, the weather may change. The summer's hottest months are March through May. At waterholes, you could witness animals looking for water and fresh air. In Anamalai, this time of year is excellent for taking pictures since it provides vistas of the lovely green landscape and a variety of wildlife. Therefore, March through May is the finest time to take pictures of nature. This is winter if you can visit between December and February.