The SEO sector is pretty difficult to predict, just like the sporadic algorithm upgrades Google releases. Additionally, because of the market’s instability, a year’s hibernation by an SEO followed by a re-awakening can reveal generational differences. As a result, a lot is going on in the world of SEO, and you need to stay on top to ensure that you control the situation (rankings). In this article, we’ll talk about a few popular SEO trends for 2023 that an SEO company in India ought to follow.

Beyond traditional link-building techniques:

In SEO, link-building is still a handy tool. It ranks among the top three search ranking variables. However, its heyday has passed. Making it the be-all and end-all of your SEO is a big no-no today because it has several intricacies. The most crucial factor is the website’s authority connecting to you. This implies that an article or webpage ranks higher when authoritative sources connect to you more frequently. Therefore, having a few reputable publications link to you is preferable to having many unreliable little blogs. As a result, you want to save time negotiating with websites that are only marginally authoritative on the subject. Relevance is crucial in this case. The connecting site’s subject matter needs to be pertinent to yours. As a result, you ought to concentrate on a few authoritative websites during link-building. In today’s day and age, any agency offering SEO services should know that link-building is a game of quality, not quantity.

On all websites, mobile-first indexing will be required:

Google has examined each website to determine whether it is mobile-ready, and only those that passed the test have been switched over. Additionally, by default, mobile-first indexing was applied to all newly registered websites. Even while the process is nearly finished four years later, some outdated websites still need to figure out how to work on mobile devices. These websites will be compelled, whether ready or not, to use mobile-first indexing, according to Google, which has had enough.

People take control of robots:

Users should receive relevant search results from Google and other legitimate search engines. Because of this, when you provide content to rank, it should also be helpful. Websites that actively seek to give their visitors with the most helpful responses have an advantage over those that do not. A top SEO company in India should always guide you to be cautious of things like poor fonts and font sizes. User experience must be prioritized if you want to attract consumers to your marketing funnel. So let’s start writing more for people and less for search engines. Numerous websites seemed to have found a decent balance. It is therefore possible. Simply put, writing and testing the different combinations of parts takes some effort.

Lengthy content to boost SERPs:

Additionally, long-form material will continue to be your ally. This kind of content consistently drives traffic to websites prepared to publish it. They have been discovered to generate three times as much organic traffic as the content of an average length. Long-form content requires readers to spend more time reading it, and as we all know, when site visitors spend more time on a page, Google sends you more traffic through search rankings.

The prominence of featured snippets will increase:

Featured snippets are mostly used to improve mobile responsiveness. The success of this strategy is evidenced by the fact that featured snippets currently take up half of a mobile device’s display area. Despite Google’s efforts to reduce search results duplication, highlighted snippets and the top organic results remain important factors in search engine optimization. As time has passed, Google has developed new kinds of featured snippets to provide the most relevant answers to users’ queries. Even though they are still under development, featured snippets have room for improvement that might lead to a noticeable boost in traffic.

Keyword analysis:

The importance of keyword research has decreased due to Google’s inclusion of features like shopping, local packs, and featured snippets on its results pages. The divergence of user attention and clicks to these results has led to reduced CTRs for sites at the top of the SERP. Since Google no longer uses keyword strings to provide relevant results, professionals offering SEO services should focus on optimizing for individual keywords.

Original Content:

Original content is not just a trend in SEO; it is a must. Both content producers and marketers have seen the trend of producing high-quality material in large quantities. In fact, 90% of effective content marketers put the demands of their audience above those of their business.

More impact of AI on SEO:

AI and search engine algorithms may soon make visual material a significant ranking element. Therefore, visual artists must consider SEO ranking factors when developing visual material. It is similar to how writers of material must enhance headings and keywords to get Google’s favor in SERPs. Therefore, the importance of aspects like tags, video length, descriptions, keyword optimization, and others will increase regarding SEO for videos.


The world is becoming more competitive day by day. As a result, you must implement these SEO trends on your website to stay ahead of your competitors.

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