The two types of freezers used are gas-driven or DC drove. Both have high insulation values to create optimum efficiency. The main considerations between propane gas chillers and DC chest freezers are the initial cost and availability of electrical power. Power is DC, propane gas, or natural gas.

If solar, wind, or hydropower is available or likely to be in your location, then a DC freezer will be the best option for a low initial cost. If none of these DC sources are available, and equipment needs to be purchased to capture the DC power, the initial cost of the DC installation can easily double. The freezer must be powered at all times to keep food stored at a good freezing temperature. This usually means that these freezers require a battery bank for power storage at night in the case of solar power, or when there is no wind in the case of wind power. In some cases of hydroelectric power, batteries may not be needed. Solar energy doesn't come for free. Solar power requires batteries, and batteries do wear out and have to be replaced. This must be taken into account when performing cost analysis.

This is the best possible place for a gas freezer. Gas freezers can run on stored LPG (propane) gas or natural gas delivered by pipeline. In some cases, where the property has a natural gas well on site, a natural gas chiller will be ideal. Freezers can be run from any size tank. The question is, for how long. Propane freezers typically use about 2 to 3 gallons of LPG every 7 days.

The performance between a DC-powered or compressor-driven unit and a gas chiller or absorption system unit differs only in the so-called "recovery time". This is the time it takes for the temperature to drop or return to the temperature set by the thermostat. Both types will get equally cold, but the compressor drive has the advantage of recovery speed. It is estimated to be four times faster than an absorption freezer.

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