The outdoor unit air conditioner net cover is produced to protect the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and cover the outer unit of the air conditioner, and beautify the real estate of the community and the appearance of the building.

The function of the air conditioner net cover:

The air conditioner net cover is to protect the air conditioner shell in the season when the air conditioner is not in use and slow down the rust and oxidation of the shell. It can play a very good maintenance role for the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is not in use, cover it with the air conditioner cover, which can prevent the air conditioner shell from aging and the chassis from entering dust. It can also play a decorative role, and the beautiful air conditioner cover is a good helper for home decoration.

At the same time, using the air conditioner net cover can also prevent dust from entering the air conditioner case, which plays a good role in maintaining the air conditioner. If the air conditioner grille is not used, dust will adhere to the internal filter and heat dissipation aluminum sheet. After a long time, it is extremely difficult to clean, and it will also affect the cooling and heating effect of the air conditioner.

If the outdoor unit of the air conditioner does not use an air conditioner cover, it will be exposed to the sun and rain all year round and will be eroded by wind and dust, which will easily rust and cause dust blockage, which will affect the service life of the air conditioner. Of course, when the outdoor unit is in normal operation, it is best not to use an air-conditioning cover. The manufacturer has already considered environmental issues when designing.

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