Cooking is one of the most important functions added in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0, which allows players to cook delicious dishes and drinks in the game! In today's guide, we will introduce you to the basics of cooking and a complete list of all cooking recipes in New Horizons.


What Is Cooking In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


Cooking is a new feature unique to New Horizons 2.0. It allows players to grow and collect various food-related ingredients (similar to crafting ingredients), and discover a variety of new recipes that they can cook and bake with them.


How To Unlock Cooking In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


In order to start cooking in New Horizons, you must first roll credits in the main game. After that, head to the Nook Miles kiosk in the Resident Services Building and spend 2,000 Nook Miles for the "Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+" set that’s listed above “Island Life 101 Service.”


Once you do, you'll find two new food categories have been added to your NookPhone: Savory and Sweet! Also, you'll gain access to some starter recipes and unlock the ability to start cooking on any applicable stove or cooking surface.



In a nutshell, when we have all the materials we need, we can flip through the DIY Recipes+ cookbook and choose the dish we want to cook. If the vegetables and products needed for a recipe are missing, you'll need to use Leif's seeds to grow them.  


How To Get More Recipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, expand our cooking DIY recipes In addition to purchasing the "Basic Cooking Recipes" DIY at Nook's Cranny for 4,980 Bells, we can also get more cooking recipes through the following methods.


1. After building the Restaurant in Happy Home Paradise, you can get a daily cooking recipe from it


2. Catch and dive a variety of fish and sea creatures and get inspired by a new recipe


3. Visit your villagers once a day and they will give you their recipe


4. Buy "Basic Cooking Recipes" DIY from Nook's Cranny


5. Find bottles on the beach once a day (includes Mystery Island, Kapp'n Tours, and Happy Home Paradise)


6. Shoot down balloons for a chance to find a recipe



ACNH Complete Cooking Recipes and Ingredients List


Aji Fry - 1 Horse Mackerel, 1 Flour


Anchoas al Alillo - 2 Anchovy


Apple Jam - 3 Apple


Apple Jelly - 2 Apple


Apple Pie - 3 Flour, 2 Sugar, 2 Apple


Apple Smoothie - 2 Apple


Apple Tart - 1 Flour, 1 Sugar, 1 Apple


Baked Potatoes - 2 Potato


Bamboo-Shoot Soup - 2 Bamboo Shoot


Barred-knifejaw carpaccio - 1 Barred Knifejaw


Bread - 3 Flour


Bread Gratin - 2 Flour, 2 Whole-Wheat Flour


Brown Sugar - 5 Sugarcane


Brown-Sugar Cupcakes - 1 Whole-Wheat Flour, 1 Brown Sugar


Brown-Sugar Pound Cake - 2 Flour, 1 Brown Sugar


Cake Sale - 2 Flour, 1 Carrot, 1 Potato


Carpaccio Di Capesante - 2 Scallop


If you don't want to find Cooking DIY Recipes by yourself, you can Buy Animal Crossing Items from ACItems with instant delivery.