Iron oxide pigments are non-toxic, and they are widely used in paints, paints and inks because they are non-toxic, non-bleeding, low-cost, and can form various tones. Coatings are composed of film-forming substances, pigments, fillers, solvents and additives. It has developed from oil-based coatings to synthetic resin coatings, and all kinds of coatings are inseparable from the application of pigments, especially pigment varieties that have become indispensable to the coating industry.

There are wet and dry methods for the preparation of iron oxide pigments. Wet-processed products have fine crystals, soft particles, easy to grind, and are easy to be used as pigments. Dry-process products have large crystals and hard particles, and are suitable for magnetic materials, polishing and abrasive materials.

The dry method uses ferrous sulfate, black iron oxide or yellow iron oxide as raw materials, calcined at high temperature to form red iron oxide, and the shape of the product can be spherical or needle-like.

The wet method uses iron filings, sulfuric acid (or nitric acid) and caustic soda as the main raw materials to prepare seeds in solution, grow the seeds and oxidize them in air to form red iron oxide, which is then filtered and dried. The shape of the product particles is diamond. facet.

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