Custom Auto Parts Mold Factory's Plastic Injection Molded Parts: Benefits for Plastic Professionals

high precision

Custom plastic injection molded parts are produced to an accuracy of +/- .001 inches. This approach does overcome the challenges of extremely complex designs. It maintains high precision even after multiple productions to create replicas of plastic components.


A molding team runs and oversees the process to ensure rapid production. Minimal manufacturing issues are reduced due to the initial focus on design. The high productivity makes the whole process efficient compared to other methods. Speeds vary depending on the complexity and size of the design, but on average, cycle times are typically 15-20 seconds.


The custom injection molding process focuses on strength and stability. The right balance needs to be found in the plastic material, including attention to thickness and ribs. Thicker walls also tend to have longer cycles, which are more expensive.

Produce detailed and complex designs

Plastic injection molding produces plastic products in a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and dimensions. This process enhances optimization to produce a large number of detailed designs. The availability of high-volume products also improves the accuracy and quality of designs.

Basic design elements that are particularly well suited for forming processes include rib design, wall thickness, gate location, weld lines, boss design, and corner transitions.


Plastic injection molding minimizes labor costs compared to other methods. There is very little supervision throughout the process, and the facility has an automatic tool to keep production going, as well as an automatic gating tool.

This model device can mass-produce products without incurring additional costs and the risk of tampering with the quality of the design.

reduce waste

During mass production, it is almost impossible to have little plastic waste. Plastic injection molding can use other machinery to help reduce waste by melting excess plastic and re-using it to make other products. Gates and runners can be reground and reused in other production processes. Plastic injection molding is an environmentally friendly thing.


Custom plastic injection molding is of course very versatile and flexible. It allows the coloring of plastics using a variety of color systems. Depending on the given properties and materials of the plastic, the process can achieve endless results. To meet the requirements of the application, it is important to have a molder with expertise in various resins.


Through injection molding, the weight of certain parts of a part can be reduced without compromising its strength, flexibility and stability. The process can use materials such as resins to achieve preferred properties at a lighter weight.

In modern production, lightweight thermoplastics have been used to replace metal parts with the same strength and stability.

wide range of materials

Plastic injection molding allows the use of a wide variety of materials available. Some commonly used materials are thermoplastic rubber, antistatic plastics, infrared, biocompostable and chemical resistant plastics. You can also choose from a large number of colors through color compounding.