There is nothing quite like maintaining both your physique and mind in order to be a good cameron smith british open golf player. You are advised to take good care of your body and ensure that you are fit enough to perform optimally on the golf course. This also helps you to enjoy maximum pleasure playing golf especially as you advance in your age.

- You can attain optimal fitness by consuming the right food and exercising at recommended intervals. Cardiovascular health and muscles should be boosted to match the requirements in the game of golf. You can rely on indicators like blood pressure and the Body Mass Index (BMI) to learn how fit you are physically, and if you are on the path of being a good golf player. Always check with your physician about the optimal levels according to your age and type of physique.

- Being mentally sound and fit is also vital to be the best golf player you can be. You should discover how best to eliminate stress. Why not indulge in frequent meditation sessions with loved ones? You can also maintain mind alertness by doing mental exercises by reading books or attempting to complete crosswords puzzles in the newspaper.