Limerick couple Alyson & David's dream Hallowe'en wedding might have differed using their original plans, however, their micro wedding dresses ended up just magical. The pair embraced all of the seasonal, autumnal hues there was magic up as they wed in the Holy Trinity Abbey in Adare before going to the magnificent Gloster House for his her Halloween Eve celebration, lit entirely by candlelight! Moody, romantic and utterly glamorous, their day is definitely an inspiring one for couples getting married at the spookiest time of the year! Keep reading to determine the couple's enchantingly elegant below, all captured wonderfully by Gareth from Lima Conlon Photography.


So firstly, Alyson and David have filled us in on the proposal. "The proposal was incredible," Alyson reminisces. "It involved high drama obviously. We go somewhere in Limerick that overlooks Shannon airport to look at planes coming on and on. Dave had booked a man to film the proposal on the drone and also to do so involved informing the Airspace control due to the proximity towards the airport. He also booked dinner for your night in a single of our favourite restaurants, 1826 in Adare. Sorted… not! I broke a nail around Wednesday morning when all this was intended to be happening. I got a nail appointment for Thursday morning so poor Dave needed to go and re-arrange everything for an additional day. Anyway, his effort paid off also it was just incredible, so magical and thus hard to believe he visited that much damage to me."

A makeup artist from Beauty Atelier did Alyson’s makeup, but she did her very own hair on her big day, going for a few calm moments to herself because the morning whizzed past.

Alyson and David wed inside a traditional ceremony in the Holy Trinity Abbey in Adare, Co. Limerick before going to the fabulous Gloster House in Co. Offaly for his or her All Hallows Eve wedding celebration.

Alyson and David describe the vibe they wanted for her day, "Given it was Halloween night, one of our favourite times during the year, we actually wanted to play around the moodiness of times of the year. We desired to create a stylish space having a moody, Halloween feels but we didn’t wish to go overboard using the whole Hallowe'en theme. We really desired to use the dark colours of autumn to produce a beautiful yet moody atmosphere for all of our guests to savour."

We need to take a moment to swoon over Alyson's dreamy Julie Vino gown, sourced at Blush and Ivory Boutique in London, which she combined with covetable Jimmy Choo heels. David also looked incredibly dapper in the custom-made green velvet Louis Copeland & Sons suit.

Aren't these just probably the most gorgeous moments captured by Gareth from Lima Conlon Photography?

When it found choosing a venue, there is only one that stole their hearts. "We are generally very traditional in lots of ways and we live inside a lovely, quaint little cottage. Gloster House for all of us just was built with a wow component that no other venue had. It had this incredible feel and ambience once we drove through the gates and walked through the doors. I think as soon as we stepped foot within the incredible house, we simply knew it was for all of us, it had that something extra that neither person can pinpoint."

For Alyson and David, it had been all about making choices to make their day their very own. Says Alyson, "We wanted your day to be ours. It is extremely tough to narrow down our priorities but I suppose we both desired to enjoy our day, we actually decided from in early stages that styling and design, music throughout your day and photography were vital to us. We felt the background music is so essential for setting a dark tone for your day, and also the styling and design have this kind of impact on people because they enter the ceremony and also the reception. Alise couldn’t do a better job in creating our vision, it had been like watching the mood board that they created for all of us just become more active."

Alyson's lush bouquet featured a natural collection of quicksand roses, chocolate cosmos, amaranth and fall foliage.

Autumn foliage along with a golden October sunset provided the couple using the perfect backdrop for his or her magic hour portraits.

Due towards the pandemic, the couple needed to scale back their original guest listing of almost 200 to 25, making their 'special day' right into a 'little special day! "This resulted in those there around to celebrate being people we actually and truly wanted around us which made it special. The shots of Jameson were a toast to two very special those who have passed away, to ensure that was an attractive touch too. People who were invited towards the sexy wedding dresses but needed to be removed from our guest list did some wonderful things for all of us and that made us feel truly blessed and loved."

When you are looking for advice for other couples in the same situation, Alyson and David share their thoughts, "Don’t fret the little stuff and then try to take in every moment. At the end of your day, all we desired to do was start once again. It goes by far too quickly plus some elements of your day can be overwhelming. Dave and I also had an attractive hour together in the car around the way towards the venue with just the two people and no one else, as Dave was the driver it was so lovely to possess that time of calm between all of the madness. "


The couple, with their stylist and florist, decked out their old-world feel venue with rich red, amber and black tones and a lot of candlelight. Centrepieces paired roses and cosmos together with fall foliage, Spanish moss, fruits and pumpkins. Every table design would be a truly artistic creation.

The gorgeous stationery inspired by Dutch master's paintings also featured calligraphy, velvet ribbon and wax seals on textured watercolour paper.

When it came towards the honeymoon, Alyson and David love a great adventure and wish to bring two really different holidays together as part of our honeymoon. "Firstly, hopefully, to go skiing and also to Courchevel in France. We also love Zermatt in Switzerland but wish to change things up which means this would be our first option for a ski resort. Then we intend on travelling to Bora Bora within French Polynesia for much relaxation and time just for us to relax and relax." Sounds incredible!

Huge because of Alyson and David for sharing their incredible day. And obviously to Lima Conlon Photography for sharing these gorgeous images around!