Traditional heavy gold bangles hold a vintage appeal due to its heaviness and availability of limited designs. Women who love jewelry and are fond of trendy jewelry pieces to adorn their everyday look can opt for light bangles available in trendy pattern and style.

The fashion scenario across the globe is ever-changing and every day people are being introduced to new fashion and trends in clothing Gold bangles  and jewelry. Stylish bangles made from various elements are a hot property in the market among the fashion conscious people. These bangles are available in different patterns under various price ranges.

Though the market is flooded with huge options of fashionable custom bangles but simple light weight bangles of gold and related metals can be the preferable replacement of these artificial custom bangles. Most online and offline jewelry stores are showcasing the amazing collection of this light bangles keeping in mind the inclination of the younger generation towards light weight jewelry.

The tradition of wearing bangles can be traced back to the thousand years old civilization across the world. Bangles are associated with auspiciousness and signify good fortune and prosperity. In some cultures, bangles are an essential ornament for the brides in her wedding.

The fashion designers and jewelry craftsman are crafting stunning designs of bangles of gold and other precious or semi-precious metals to draw maximum customer's attention in this cut-throat competitive market. These people are implementing technological tools like the 3D design software and infuse traditional and modern touch that perfectly defines the refined taste of modern Indian women.

The popularity of light weight bangles is not limited to any specific nation. While in some cultures it is strictly worn on special occasion, in other cultures these bangles are paired up to glamorize a simple look. In the west, these light bangles are available in sleek designs or geometrical pattern and are considered as the fashionable accessories.

In today's fast-paced life the concept of minimal is applicable to the jewelry section also. People are more tilted towards jewelry or accessories that are beautiful and light weight and can be paired up with a Gold jewellery regular look and goes well with formal office attire too. The popularity of these bangles is noticed more among the younger generation and for people who always look for a hassle-free alternative to the heavier ornaments and wants to look stylish in every mood, attire, and occasion. Due to its light weight factor, these bangles are favorite accessories for the professionals as well as for the housewives who indulge in routine work.

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