What exactly is the purpose of Idle Breakout?
Use your points to buy and upgrade new balls with different abilities. To score more points, balls will automatically bounce and break brickwork. Determine which improvements are the most efficient for maximal brick-busting.
Is it possible to overcome Idle Breakout?
Before you can combat them, you must have incredibly strong balls and prestige upgrades. Like gold bricks, the optimum location to attack them is to take advantage of the Sniper Ball's accuracy by having them in the top half of the screen when they are present, allowing you to shred their health even faster than before.
What exactly are the lasers in Idle Breakout?
Lasers (also known as VAUS Lasers) are a game mechanic that moves across the screen and discharges lasers to vaporize blocks. The maximum you can obtain from the prestige shop is four. Vertical lasers move up and down, whereas horizontal lasers move left and right.