What is a camera
The camera performs a task similar to the human eye from here, scientists have tried to project the functions and parts that belong to the human body on the devices in our hands, the camera function with its parts similar to the eye, for example Iris Iris and lens lens .. One of the parts that are similar in their work to the human eye . The camera receives the image to be captured through the light rays incident on objects, where they are received through the lens towards the so-called light sensor Image Sensor, which is a chip located inside the camera, where it converts these incident rays after being refracted through the lens into electrical impulses that are read inside the camera's internal processors and output through the video A still image in the case of cameras that take still images .

Lens function
The lens, which is the outer part of the camera, also has the function of collecting light, as well as focusing the image Focus, as there are cameras that work independently to control the Focus Auto Focus ,and others work to focus the clarity of the image manually Manual Focus through screws that are located on the sides of the lens that calibrate it according to the Ability to control the iris of the iris camera in order to control the amount of light entering the camera

Since the more light there is in the scene to be photographed, the smaller the area of the aperture of the iris of the lens ( and this is similar to the human eye because if you want to enter a place with intense lighting, you try to close the aperture of the eye so as not to allow such a huge amount of light to enter and vice versa) . And there are cameras that work to zoom the image and are called Zoom Camera zoom cameras and this depends on the camera lens and how much of its focal length, the greater the focal length of the camera lens, the more its ability to zoom and see distant places, and the value of the focal length, which is called in English Focal Length is measured in mm, that is, in millimeters , and the zoom value of the image is known as X , there are cameras 10X , 18X .... The value of this figure indicates the ability of the camera lens to zoom ten times or eighteen times .. Etc .

How to measure camera clarity
To measure the clarity of the camera, there is a so-called English Resolution, which is the possibility of providing this camera for clarity by the number of Pixels it contains, we know that the Pixels are the main points of any image, and with an increase in their number in the image, the value of clarity is as large as possible, and even we know that this camera The Pixels provided by the captured image or video coming out of the camera; a 3-megapixel camera is definitely better than a 2-megapixel camera, because the first camera contains 3 million pixels and the second has 2 million pixels, which gives greater clarity to the image by showing more details of the captured image or video .


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