The Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons both possess Super Bowl aspirations in 2013 So Mut 23 coins Thursday Night Football's game between the two teams offered a glimpse into the ultimate matchup of the coming Madden NFL 23 season.

Unfortunately, the first-teamers didn't provide many fireworks. Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan both only saw limited action throughout the game. Ryan was the more effective of the two starting quarterbacks and was 6-for-9 with 89 yards. The Falcons took a 3-0 lead as a result.

Josh Johnson entered for the Bengals and the offense went off. Johnson did the majority of the damage with his legs, running 4 times to gain 64 yards. Also, he completed 9 of 16 attempts to pass for 100 yards and scored a touchdown.

A pair of young running backs helped get things moving in the Bengals. Second-round pick Giovani Bernard only managed 2.8 yards per carries, but scored an touchdown at the one-yard line. Rex Burkhead helped keep the offense moving in the second period, running at least nine times, netting 52 yards.

The Falcons did show an absence of depth in the second quarter, but Cincinnati managed to pull away for a 24-point win. Overall, the score was 34-10. was a bit lopsided, but it was a close game until the second and third-stringers began to dominate the game.

In the other Falcons developments, Brian Banks, who was imprisoned for five years began playing during the second half. He has reportedly been progressing at buy madden nfl 23 coins a good pace during training camp, and will fight for a roster spot.