Pastel is definitely a favourite, specifically for springtime. If you love everything pastel, prom is the best springtime event to show off the colour of your choice. Pastel dresses are pretty straightforward, elegant, and never too flashy. You’re certain to feel like a princess on prom night using the perfect wedding dresses. Whether you'll need a lilac prom dress or perhaps a light blue prom dress, pastel won’t disappoint.


There can be a lot of dresses to select from, but it’s simple to find something amazing in Faviana’s choice of prom dresses. This guide can help you decide what colour, style, and accessories to appear pretty in pastel.

While pastel narrows down your colour choices, you may still find a lot to select from. There are pink, yellow, blue, and purple shades like lavender or lilac – simply to name a few. Picking a colour can be hard when there are plenty of pretty shades. Our advice would be to go with a colour that you simply love which looks great together with your skin tone. If you’re stuck, we listed recommendations for each complexion. No matter what colour you select, we all know it will look wonderful!

If you've lighter skin colour, cool shades won’t blend an excessive amount into the skin and wash you out of trouble. Think baby blue or perhaps a purple prom dress like lilac. The Faviana Style 10648 is really a beautiful fit-and-flare v-neck dress that comes both in pastel blue and purple. You can go for a bold makeup turn to finish off the appearance.

For medium skin colour, pinks, yellows, and mint green pair well. Warm colours pair best with warm skin colour even in pastels. The Faviana Style S10633 is really a beautiful dress with pastel pink and yellow options. It has applique details throughout and an open back.

Darker skin colour can absolutely rock pastel shades. Light yellow, aqua, lilac, or cream are wonderful choices. The Faviana Style S10435 is really a beautiful chiffon dress that comes in a light blue that's soft and stylish. Another great choice is really a light periwinkle colour with lavender undertones.

Choose a pastel dress style - beaded lace, charmeuse, lace applique, and more

Once you have the perfect colour (or else you want to pick your look first), it’s time for you to find the right style for you personally. Many prom dresses are long but there’s nothing wrong with taking a short dress if that’s your look.

V-neck dresses are popular and straightforward. There are also a large amount of v-neck options. Some have lace appliques such as the Faviana Style S10641. It comes in a light pastel blue. If you want something similar, the Faviana Style S10634 also features applique but includes a scoop neckline. You can find it in pastel yellow, blue, or pink.

Lastly, you may wish to try something a little different. This pastel cream dress has sequin flower detailing throughout. The Faviana Style S10653 is just one of our favourite choices to stick out for spring prom and still seem like a princess.


When completing your pastel look, you wish to have the best accents to enhance your simple wedding dresses. Basics like black or white will invariably pair well. Think neutral shades when looking for shoes. Pastel colours also match simple gold jewellery. You don’t need to overdo it. With pastels, keeping it clean and straightforward will make a big difference.