The day a bride finds the wedding dresses of her wedding day dreams is one of the most special, memorable days of her life. Choosing her gown is a significant step in her wedding planning, all leading up to her saying “I do!”


This fall, we’re giving our brides the opportunity to say yes to their dream dresses AND make a difference in the lives of girls, boys, women, and men who are being bought and sold into slavery through human trafficking.

It may seem out of the ordinary for a bridal boutique to combine the fight against human trafficking with the purchase of a wedding gown…but stay with me.

Our fashion director (and my daughter) Rebekah initially learned about the issue of modern-day slavery through the organization A21 at a women’s conference three or four years ago. My church started promoting the work of the International Justice Mission in recent years. My son Benjamin began to take on pro bono work for formerly trafficked women at his law firm in Houston. I learned about the good work being done by organizations like Elijah Rising.

It seemed that no matter where our family turned, the issue of human trafficking was there. But what could WE do in the face of this massive global problem? I wanted to become more involved, both personally and through our business, and we started looking for ways to help.

We became aware of the non-profit organization, The Exodus Road, which fights human trafficking by raising awareness, rescuing victims, helping arrest and prosecute traffickers, and providing aftercare for victims. Donating to Exodus Road allows us to help them set captives free.


This fall, we’d like to bring our brides along as part of the solution. When a bride purchases her ball gown wedding dress in November or December, $25 will be donated to Exodus Road in her name. Maybe one of the biggest days of our brides’ lives can lead to the day someone previously held captive is set free.