First and foremost, some of the best gaming CPU feature more than one processor "core," meaning its a multi-core gaming processor, which can literally do twice or four times the data crunching than the typical single core CPU, for example. Depending on how many core there are implemented on a processor "die," also relates to each ryzen 5 3500x cores operating frequency or clock speed and associated technologies. This is one of the most important specifications when choosing a gaming processor.

Also, each processor and sometimes each processor core, utilizes its own dedicated source of cache (memory), which speeds up the processing time when matched with a larger capacity and efficient architecture. Many motherboards still use a front-side bus to distribute data or a more advanced form a data transportation. This relates to the how fast the processor can process data by use of data transits, which is also very important, as this quality greatly impacts performance. Beyond this, you should somewhat be able to comprehend operational composites of the best gaming CPU currently, which can be found all over the internet available from numerous websites.