Boise State, the top Madden 23 coins Group of 5 program in terms of pushing talent into Madden NFL 23. actually places higher than some Southeastern Conference programs like Ole Miss or Tennessee. Many of these G5 teams have more talent than the lower end of the Power 5. too. For instance 38 G5 programs rank higher than Big 12's Kansas, 26 rank above the Big 12's Iowa State and 15 rank above the Pac 12's Arizona.

UConn is the one team that sticks out like the scab of a thumb. The Huskies have only won more that three contests in a single season once since 2012 but have done a decent job of acquiring defensive players for this season's Madden NFL 23. Whatever the reason, however, it hasn't translated to victories for the team.

The top part of the G5 has a good chance of competing with the low end of the P5 however, all G5 teams do not have the same level of competition. For example, UNLV and Army are the only two FBS programs since 2011 that have not produced a single draft pick for the Madden NFL 23.

Outside of the FBS there's plenty of Madden NFL 23 talent to be located. Players like Darius Leonard, Cooper Kupp and David Johnson have all come from the FCS ranks and are supervised, by a large margin, by the North Dakota State Bison. In actuality, North Dakota State would place 10th among all schools out of the Power 5. putting them right buy mut 23 coins on the same level as the top Group of 5 programs in terms of the production of Madden NFL 23 talent.