Features of transparent waterproof tarpaulin:

High elasticity, excellent tear strength and peel strength.

Front and back are the same color.

Suitable for hot air and high frequency welding, good welding fastness.

Environmentally friendly, no toxins, no heavy metals

It has excellent anti-oxidation properties, anti-aging properties and long service life.

Enhanced chemical resistance, dustproof and waterproof

Anti-ultraviolet, sunscreen.

Different from the surface characteristics of traditional coating materials, it has excellent anti-pollution ability and keeps clean for a long time

The texture is clear and has a strong three-dimensional sense

Product Usage:

Decorative awning covers, exhibition tents.

Membrane structure buildings and various temporary building roofs

All kinds of car canopies, soft carriages and storage and transportation canopies

Sports and medical equipment.

Luggage bags, stationery bags, cosmetic bags.

Military and civilian tents

For turnover box dust cover and tablecloth cover

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