We agree that online education is terrible. In spite of the fact that you don't have to commute or get up early, it inevitably becomes boring and tiresome. And a major disappointment for newcomers who are unable to experience true university life. How can I stay inspired without losing my mind?

Online education is becoming more and more common. If you're considering taking this path in terms of your education, it's critical that you understand how to maintain motivation during your studies.

Online learning has numerous benefits, but it is also fair to note that it could require more discipline and motivation than you would have initially expected. It is very simple to become side-tracked and caught up in daily life when attending lectures at the university is not necessary. Finding the drive to study might occasionally be challenging.

Here are 5 suggestions to help you stay motivated and maintain the course of your study.

Abide by a set schedule

It can be tempting to go at your own pace, but if you don't stick to a set schedule for each course, you'll quickly fall behind in your studies. University lecturers never wait, not even in an online context. Assignments, reading material, and lectures will all remain posted.

Simply sticking to the original schedule could be quite beneficial. You should sit down and study the subject even if the instructor isn't live-streaming their course if your schedule specifies that Introductions to Philosophy is due at 9:30 on Wednesday. In case you fail to abide by the set schedule you can seek last minute assignment help from SourceEssay experts.

Establish a space just for studying

Important: This. Good luck continuing that at university if you were okay studying in your parents' living room when you were in high school. A space designated for learning is necessary. Purchase a decent desk, preferably one with much storage. You will utilise it for at least all of the years of your study, so it's really not that pricey.

Everything you might need should be at your workstation, which should be free of interruptions. Your computer should fit in there, along with preferably a printer (a black-and-white laser printer is relatively reasonable), all of your study materials, and extra basic stationary so that you won't run out of highlighters at the worst possible time.

A reliable light source is necessary. Purchase a nice adjustable lamp with a nice light bulb. Another requirement is a comfortable chair. Don't try to be productive if your back begins to suffer. Make the remaining decisions entirely in your own style.

Make time to study with your buddies.

If it motivates you, you can conduct study sessions with your classmates even if you can't meet in person in a local coffee shop or library. Create a group call on any video-calling platform of your choosing (if you're a bit geeky, I recommend Discord), then start studying. Does that make sense in reverse? Co-working is undoubtedly a thing, though. If this is the first time you've heard of the term, Google it and change the word to "co-studying."

Obtain inspiration from others

Although YouTube can be another cause of procrastination (unless you only use it for background music while you study), there are many motivational videos that can help you get through a slump in your studies. You can take the help of essay typer from SourceEssay experts.

Watch your eating, exercising, and sleeping patterns.

When you're lacking motivation, it's tempting to stay up late, use the fact that gyms are closed as an excuse not to exercise, or indulge in junk food. However, the worse your habits, the worse your efficiency, which eventually affects your academic success. Don't forget to move about, get enough sleep, and eat healthily even when the school is under lockdown.


All of us must adjust to distance learning, but there are numerous tools at your disposal to ensure your success. You can take the help of plagiarism checker to submit flawless assignments on time.