To illustrate the difference in appearance between the two stand-alone freezer types, a chest freezer is located lower off the ground, and it stores more food along the width of the unit rather than height. Additionally, cabinet freezers have a lift door and internal baskets for food storage.

In contrast, upright refrigerators, as the name suggests, stand vertically. Upright freezers also have a front door and interior shelves for storing food -- much like standard refrigerator models. Cabinet freezers consume less energy than upright freezers, providing some relief for the planet and your wallet.

Both types of freezers have their advantages. However, there are several reasons why a box freezer has an advantage over an upright freezer.

The freezer uses an airtight seal on the top to keep food fresh and frozen. An airtight lock seal means less energy is required to keep the container cool. Compared to upright freezers, upright freezers are prone to tiny gaps around vertical door frames, which results in more energy required to keep food cold. This fact alone gives the freezer another advantage in its "Benefits" column: Compared to upright freezers, the freezer keeps your food fresher longer because of escaping from the appliance. Less cold air.

For the same reason, because the freezer is more energy efficient, it costs less to run. On average, they're also cheaper on initial purchases.

In addition to being more energy efficient, refrigerators must be defrosted manually, while most upright refrigerators are equipped with an automatic defrost setting (usually, to defrost on their own, the refrigerator needs to be unplugged and drained). What does this difference mean? Well, if the refrigerator has an automatic defrost option, that means the frost is removed from the inside of the refrigerator. Upright freezers with automatic defrost settings tend to be noisier than chest freezers. This is due to the extra air circulation inside the unit, and the fact that an upright freezer requires more energy to operate means that an upright freezer will generate a greater electrical hum.

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