Core Spun Yarn is one of our products. Let me introduce to you what kind of fabric core spun yarn is. Pure cotton core-spun yarn is a kind of core-spun yarn composed of two fibers, also known as wrapping yarn and compound yarn. Generally, the core is made of filament with better strength and elasticity, and the outer side is made of cotton fiber, so it has the excellent properties of both.

  At present, the specifications of cotton core-spun yarn include pure cotton wrapped polyester yarn and pure cotton wrapped spandex yarn. The general specification of pure cotton-packed polyester yarn is 40 packs of 50D, which are widely used in the market. The most common types of pure cotton wrapped spandex yarn are 32S, 40D, 40s, 40D, and 60 80s and 20D.

  The pure cotton core-spun yarn takes advantage of the advantages of polyester filament, which is refreshing, crepe-resistant, easy to wash and quick-dry, and at the same time, it can also play the advantages of the outer cotton fiber, which has good moisture absorption, less static electricity, and is not easy to pilling. Can be used for bed sheets, bedspreads, pillowcases, sofa covers, curtains, tablecloths, etc.

  ideal textiles. The core-spun yarn is worsted by imported German equipment and traditional craftsmanship, which is soft and smooth, suitable for urban fashion crowd. Use the new spring and summer yarn. Core-spun yarn, as a new and wonderful work in the yarn industry, is deeply loved and favored by world-renowned clothing brands and designers!

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