Common Clothing Fabric Suppliers' Apparel Fabrics

Here are some of the most common apparel fabrics you'll come across. Most fabric stores stock hundreds or even thousands of fabrics, but most fall into these simple categories.


Cotton is a natural fiber and one of the most commonly used clothing fabrics. Can be used alone or blended with rayon to reduce cotton content and reduce fabric wrinkling. The weights of cotton are endless, but most garments are sewn with light to medium weights.

Calico is a plain weave, usually a neutral off-white. It is usually inexpensive and is often used for testing patterns and sewing muslin. Calico is used in doll making, such as the Millie Doll sewing pattern. Calico can have a more open weave, so use a tight weave if you plan to sew something other than a tester. Because it is a natural fabric, it is easy to shrink.

Chambray looks like a light-colored, thinner denim that's usually a little stiff. It makes beautiful blouses and skirts where a small figure is required. I used chambray for this paisley dress.

Corduroy has a bunch of rope running down the fabric. These ropes can be of different thicknesses, providing fabrics of different appearances and thicknesses. It usually has a good shape and makes for beautiful skirts and dresses with a simple silhouette without too many lumps.

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