Community First Consultation Services is a Minnesota based company that provides superior customer service and support to individuals and families just like you, in every county throughout the state. Community First Consultation Services has 13 years of experience assessing, consulting and providing excellent CFSS consultating services for our clients. We have helped thousands of people with CFSS consultation services needs, across the state. We have succeeded in self-directing quality care to patients while remaining in their homes and communities.


Community First Consultation Services has a wide variety of expertise ranging from plan writing to professional care. Community engagement programs and also top-of-the-line plan writing software.


Community first services and supports or CFSS implies the help and supports program under this part required for achieving exercises of day to day living, instrumental exercises of everyday living, and wellbeing related undertakings through hands-on help to achieve the assignment or consistent oversight and signaling to get done with the responsibility.


The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is currently fostering another independent help named, Community First Services and Supports (CFSS), that will offer members more control and decision over their consideration. CFSS will be for individuals living in the community who need assistance with everyday exercises. This help will fall under the Medical Assistance, waiver, and Alternative Care programs.