1. Function of injection molding machine equipment

①According to the performance of the raw materials for the product, it is possible to choose and replace the screw form with a different structure that suits the requirements of its plasticizing conditions.

②According to the plasticizing conditions of raw materials for products, there must be a stable heating source for heating.

③According to the needs of product molding quality, the accuracy of the one-time feeding should be guaranteed.

④In order to ensure the plasticizing quality of raw materials, the screw should have adjustable and stable back pressure when working.

⑤According to the needs of different raw materials for forming after melting, the injection pressure and melt flow rate required by the process must be required when injecting molten material into the forming mold.

⑥ The clamping force when the mold is formed should be greater than the expansion force of the molten material in the injection mold cavity.

⑦ Control the cooling and solidification molding speed of the molten material in the mold cavity with the appropriate molding mold temperature.

⑧The melt flow channel in the forming mold is smooth, and the cavity has a certain demoulding slope. According to the structure and shape of the product, if necessary, there should be a product ejection device in the forming mold.

Injection molding machine functions and features

Second, the characteristics of injection molding products

① It can form various plastic products with complex shapes at one time.

②The structure and mutual position and size of the molded injection parts can be guaranteed, and the surface quality of the products is better.

③ The structure, shape and size of each part of the product can be different, which can ensure the mutual position of the product and the requirements of structural dimensional accuracy, and the product can have good assembly interchangeability.

④ Plastic products with metal inserts can be injection molded.

⑤ Injection molded parts can be standardized, standardized and serialized.

⑥ The production operation of the injection molding machine is relatively simple, and the adjustment and update of the molding die are more convenient.

⑦The injection molding machine can use fully automatic production of plastic products with high production efficiency.

⑧The investment in injection molding equipment is relatively large, the manufacturing cost of molding molds is relatively high, and the process conditions in the injection molding of molded products need to be strictly controlled.

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