boron nitride coating often explodes due to gas accumulation in the boron nitride coating cavity during the casting and rolling production process.

By taking holes from the surface of the nozzle plate and the far-infrared nozzle baking technology, the probability of gas accumulation in the cavity of the hard material nozzle is greatly reduced.

boron nitride coating is a key component that directly distributes and transports molten aluminum to the roll gap during the casting and rolling process.

The rationality and practicability of its structure and the selection of nozzle materials are very important for normal production, stabilizing various process parameters, and improving the quality of cast-rolled slabs.

Combined with the on-site usage, how to improve the boron nitride coating production and baking methods to reduce the occurrence of plate cleaning rod defects and avoid the nozzle suction explosion phenomenon during the erecting process.

What problems will you encounter when aluminum strip casting, and boron nitride coating?

The gas in the inner cavity of the boron nitride coating and the nozzle plate cannot be quickly removed after being heated. The occurrence of strip defects.

In addition, the accumulation of gas in the inner cavity leads to an explosion during the erection process. In severe cases, the oxide film turns up and produces slag streaks or causes the casting lips to be defective and unable to continue production.

The surface of the hard material nozzle plate is 23mm which is the densest layer, so even poking holes on the surface is good for gas gathering and diffusion. The hole diameter of the poking hole is 1″2mm, and it should be evenly distributed on the surface of the nozzle plate. The position of the hole should not be close to the arc surface.

Use far infrared drying technology to dry the Castertip before use.

Before Castertip is assembled, use a far-infrared drying oven for drying treatment, which can remove the internal moisture of the Castertip material and greatly reduce the rate of the explosion of the Castertip due to water vapor accumulation during the process of erecting the board.

The far-infrared drying box has the advantages of good heating effect, high heating efficiency, and convenient operation. It is obtained through practical application and the collection of a large number of production data. The Castertip treated with the far-infrared drying technology has a gas gathering explosion or The probability of lumen blockage is greatly reduced.