The ceramic foam filter plate captures the inclusions to purify the aluminum liquid.

The aluminum melt passes through the foam ceramic filter plate and flows along the tortuous channels and gaps in the filter plate. The impurities in the aluminum melt contact with the surface of the filter plate pore under the action of deposition, inertia, and an interception, and are subjected to pressure, friction, and surface adsorption force, and other effects, the impurities are firmly retained in the filter plate.

Aluminium Alloys Filtration Agent

Ceramic foam filter Dimension









Ceramic foam filter Pore Size (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

Adtech’s main business scope

It produces and sells high-precision online degassing units, high-absorption ceramic filter plates, and auxiliary products such as casting nozzle plates, heat-setting accessories, and other high-end equipment and new materials that are widely used in the high-precision aluminum deep processing industry.

The company’s products are widely used in high-precision aluminum deep processing industries: rail transit (car body), automobiles (all aluminum and some aluminum parts), military (aluminum military parts), aviation (aircraft wings, cabins, seats) ), electronic products (mobile phones, computer cases, etc.), household (medicine foil, cigarette foil, rice foil, furniture, home appliances), solar energy and other aluminum alloy high-temperature purification filtration.