NBA 2K22 is another well-received Nba 2k22 Mt game from the series due to many reasons but it also has several issues that must be fixed when 2K23 arrives. It's not a doubt that the crown jewel of basketball video games is the NBA 2K franchise.

It's so successful that it has completely wiped out any competition. Game series such as NBA Live taking years off to regroup and never having the ability to compete with. Recently, the most recent entry was released in NBA 2K22.

While it's considered to be the best basketball tournament, it doesn't mean it's perfect. Every year, there's usually a few things that the games could do better. This is the case with NBA 2K22, which has a fair share of issues but has, nevertheless had a lot of things right.

It's arguably the biggest problem that the video game industry faces that's currently being addressed with NBA 2K22. Microtransactions make gamers angry to no end. It's normal to be used here or there, but certain games take it to far and require players to fork over multiple aspects.

In NBA 2K22 players will not mt for sale 2k22 be able to play much of note in modes like MyTeam as well as play The City without having to pay a little extra. It's not easy to ask players to fork over numerous little things in the wake of already paying $60 to play the game.