What are the most popular things that people look for on Google every day? What aspects of popular culture, particular personalities, or well-known figures particularly stimulate their interest? It comes as a big shock when you discover that they do not find the same thing in your ideas as you do.

If you play the game "Google Feud," you will get the opportunity to see what other people are searching for on Google. The only way to find out for sure is to first come up with your own hypotheses. The results of a game of Google Feud will shock you, and playing the game is a lot of fun.

To get started with the game, pick one of these four categories to look through: Culture, People, Name, or Question. You are responsible for filling in the missing information in the search query that was provided by that category. The answer that receives the most votes might not always be the best one.

Instead of going about things in your own way and deciding what makes sense to you, think about what other people who utilize Google could discover.