GlucoTrust is a company that has been making glucose monitors and other diabetes products since 1968. They have a variety of models of monitor, but they're best known for their A1cNow Meter, which measures one's average blood sugar over a two- to three-month period. It uses special paper strips inserted into the monitor to measure your blood sugar levels; these strips are sold separately from the monitor itself. The GlucoTrust A1cNow Meter is designed to be used by people with type 2 diabetes and is meant to be more convenient than most other meters on the market.

Lately, there have been some complaints about the GlucoTrust Meter. Some users have reported that it tends to read a bit high when first used, which can result in your numbers being higher than they really are, at least temporarily. Other users have complained that the strips are not always as accurate as they should be, but this seems to be an issue with all brands of glucose test strips rather than just GlucoTrust's brand. There have also been reports of the batteries dying quickly and even of the device breaking after only a few months' use, but this is something we have heard from many different types of monitors made by different companies, so it