porous ceramic filter is made of high-silicon melt material, which has strong corrosion resistance and no pollution to molten metal. It can be used multiple times to meet the requirements of aviation and transportation for producing high added value and high technical performance. Such as aluminum alloy precision casting products technical needs.

Non-stick Aluminum High-density porous ceramic filter is an aluminum water flow tube specially developed for the aluminum metal industry. Its unique structure makes it highly efficient and can be used. Precision machined molding products, the board has low thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, anti-wetting and corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical processing properties, can be used to process aluminum alloy casting parts, such as: dropper, flow tube, hot top ring, Brake pin, ear, float, continuous casting machine mouth material, buffer plate, flow cell memory, machined riser and other aluminum industrial products.

The synthesis of special high temperature resistant materials determines that porous ceramic filter are difficult to replace with many other similar materials: high temperature resistance, thermal insulation properties, electrical insulation properties, chemical stability properties, weathering resistance, etc., especially safety and environmental protection. Performance is the best alternative to other hazardous products.

porous ceramic filter Advantages

1. It has the advantages of high strength, erosion resistance, impact resistance, heat shock resistance and smoother surface.

2. with boron nitride (BN) coatings used more, normal life 50-100 casting times.

3. the use of high flexibility, enhance the use of molten metal transfer equipment, to save energy and reduce consumption.

Theporous ceramic filter has the advantages of convenient disassembly and assembly, no need to stop the equipment during installation, etc. The internal fire-retardant flame-retardant material only needs to bond the flow tube from the middle to seal the insulation, and does not affect the equipment production and saves. installation time. Commonly used in large smelting equipment.