In Lost Ark, once you reach Tier 2, you can access Boss Rush. This challenging end-game activity pits you against 15 waves of deadly bosses that populate Arkesia. Defeat them you can gain valuable materials and gems, which can be used to level up your character or craft some extra Lost Ark Gold.

To access Boss Rush, you need a special Entrance Ticket, which drops from daily Chaos Dungeon Runs. The Guild Vendor also serves as an additional source of tickets, you can exchange Symael Bloodstones for Ticket Chests each week.

During the game, you can clear Boss Rushes solo or in a team. If you want your run to be as smooth as possible, try to avoid auto-match, create your team manually, and don't forget to include support characters. Boss Rush entrances can be found in all major cities, they are marked on the map and are easy to find.

Players have iLevel/Gearscore requirements while Rushes and difficulty increase with subsequent stages. Also, you won't be able to change your skills, gear, and battle items once the battle begins, so remember to set up your character ahead of time! If you die, you will automatically respawn after a preset time. Please beat each stage within your limited time, if you run out of time, you lose.

To receive all possible rewards, players must complete all 15 stages in time. Stages are divided into 4 reward groups, 1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-15, with each subsequent group providing better rewards than the previous one.

So now you know how to profit in Boss Rush! The gems you get from Boss Rushes are tradable, which means you can easily sell them through the in-game auction house. Doing so will earn you a considerable amount of Buy Lost Ark Gold. To maximize your profits, you should run Daily Chaos Dungeons on multiple characters to maximize your daily ticket yield. The more tickets you get, the more Rushes you can do each day, and the more gems you can earn.