In Lost Ark, Guardian Raids is a very important part of endgame progression system and one of the most difficult contents the game has to offer. You can attempt them alone or in a group of up to 4 players, Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold can help you win quickly. As the difficulty increases, they yield better and better rewards, including upgrade materials, accessories, and ability stones. However, to get into the hardest, most lucrative, and most valuable Guardian Raids, you'll need a well-equipped character.

In the game, you can unlock Guardian Raids by reaching level 50 and completing Vern's prerequisite purple quest, then entering Raids through the Raid Notice Board. Guardian raids have different difficulty levels, each level contains 4 raids, to advance to the next level you must defeat each guardian of the current level at least once.

In addition, each raid has a minimum item level requirement, a 20-minute time limit, a 3 respawn limit, and certain item limitations. Only the first two Guardian Raids you complete each day will give you loot through the Guardian Soul system. This limit resets during the server reset and is independent for each of your characters, meaning the more characters you have with ready raids, the better.

Guardian Raids has the same rest bonus system as the CHaos Dungeons, if you have 20 or more rest bonus points, you'll get double the loot from raids.

How To Profit From Guardian Raids?

The first two Guardian raids players conduct each day are bound to drop tradable upgrade materials and accessories. You can sell these to other players to earn additional Cheap Lost Ark Gold For Sale. You should pay close attention to the accessories you drop, as they can be quite valuable, depending on their engravings and grade.

So, if you decide to sell your loot to other players, completing Daily Guardian Raids can be very profitable. When you perform these operations on multiple characters per day, your profits will skyrocket.