In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Ethereal Items are volatile weapons and armor (not including rings, amulets, blots, arrows, bows, crossbows, phase blades, and set items) with bonus in damage and defense but can not be repaired. Ethereal D2R Ladder Runewords can be used to craft rune words, and ethereal items with a Zod Rune will completely remove the durability-reducing side effect. In the previous article, we shared bases ethereal items, today, let's find out which unique ethereal items are worth keeping in Diablo 2 Resurrected.


Unique Ethereal The Reaper's Toll

You won't use it on your normal characters, but it's a great option for an ACT 2 mercenary so that if you're running any kind of melee character, your mercenary will be decertified and it will remove any physical Immunity so you can destroy any monster throughout the game, and it also has a massive damage output because it's ethereal.


Unique Ethereal Headstriker

This is the new patch that used to be total crap, now with the ACT 5 mercenary boost you want to find an ethereal Headstriker, so the damage here doesn't look that impressive, but actually that chance for deadly strike gives it double damage whenever that proc, and based on your character's level, you trigger a deadly strike every time.


Unique Ethereal Skullder's Ire

Here's another absolute classic, and that's the ethereal Skullder's Ire, a top pick known for its amazing magic find, and also has repair durability that you won't run out of durability and won't be broken by you.


Unique Ethereal Duriel's Shell

Duriel's Shell will be the one you wear on your mercenary, it helps with survivability and to some extent helps with damage output, but this item cannot be frozen on it, so if your actual mercenary isn't frozen, he can attack faster and deal more damage. On top of that, it comes with strength so maybe it'll make it easier for you to equip your ethereal CV if that ends up being the only base you can find early on.


Unique Ethereal Ribcracker

The ethereal Ribcracker is an amazing one for those fury druids. Now you're going to have to sod it, but due to the attack speed and the crushing blow to it, then the incredibly high minimum damage on the Ribcracker, it's a great option for those fury druids.


That's our D2R ethereal Items guide, which we hope will help you decide which ethereal items are worth keeping. What's more, if you need Zod Runes to keep your ethereal items durability, head over to our Buy D2R Ladder Runewords for sale page to buy some with safe deals and guaranteed cheap prices!