In Lost Ark, players can get a lot of gold by completing various tasks every day. Gold is one of the most important currencies in the game, and players can use them to buy various items. In today's guide, we're going to detail how to farm Cheap Lost Ark Gold For Sale with the Daily Chaos Dungeons.

When you reach level 50 and Gearscore 250 in Lost Ark, you will unlock Chaos Dungeons and have access to it. The first two of them you do each day, on each character (!) will reward you with additional rewards. Each Chaos Dungeons follows a similar pattern: you defeat monsters to fill a progress bar, and if you defeat enough within 5 minutes, a portal to a new area will open and the timer will reset. To complete the dungeon, you must fill the progress bar without running out of time.

All your characters earn 100 Chaos Dungeon Points every day, and each dungeon run consumes 50 Chaos Points, maximizing your rewards in the process. To optimize your profits in Chaos Dungeons, you should do them twice a day, on each of your level 50 characters. This means that the more characters you have, the better this particular method will be. By taking Chaos Dungeons against multiple characters each day, you'll also advance your main quest faster as you can funnel the upgrade materials you've earned from them into it.

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The catch-up mechanic - For every 50 unused Resonance Auras, you will receive a +10 Rest bonus during the daily reset. When your rest bonus reaches 20 or more, the next Chaos dungeon you enter will give you double the loot. The rest of the bonuses are capped at 100 and are only valid for the first two Chaos Dungeons per day.

So how do players profit from Chaos Dungeons?

The upgrade materials and accessories you get from Chaos Dungeon are tradable, which means they can be sold on the Auction House for Lost Ark Gold. Try to avoid selling upgrade materials unless you feel the money is more valuable to you, you need to know upgrade materials = character progression.

In addition, completing Chaos Dungeons will reward you with special shards that can be exchanged for engraving recipes, stones, valuable materials, and other items at vendors. These items are valuable at the auction house, you can sell them for an extra profit.
Apart from this, when you defeat the second boss of the Chaos Dungeon, there is a chance to open a red or a gold portal. Entering any of these portals will grant you Gold. The amount you'll get depends on the type of portal, the difficulty of the dungeon, and your Gearscore, so you should always go for the highest requirement Chaos dungeons possible.

The amount you get will depend on the type of portal, the difficulty of the dungeon and your gearscore. Therefore, you should always meet the highest requirements of the chaotic dungeon as much as possible.

Doing two Chaos Dungeons per day on multiple characters can be very profitable. If you don't have free time every day, the catch-up mechanism will ensure you get more out of your limited playtime, or you can Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold directly from a third-party website, you can quickly get a lot of gold just to spend a little money.