In Lost Ark, gold is one of the main currencies in the game. Players need a lot of them to trade with other players to buy equipment, materials, items, and more that they want. So how to get large of Cheap Lost Ark Gold has become players' main goal. This guide will focus on how to farm gold through Daily Tasks in Lost Ark.
If you regularly perform the daily tasks of Lost Ark, they can become a solid and very reliable source of gold. Once you upgrade to level 50 and reach North Vern, they will become available. There is a special task line that will explain the system in detail to you.

These tasks include a variety of daily and weekly quests and award special points that reset each week. The reward amount depends on the task type:

Daily tasks will give you 2 points.

Weekly tasks will give you 12 points. Weekly tasks are long and you may not be able to complete them in one day.

After reaching point thresholds, you will receive Una's Tokens. The Tokens are awarded after collecting 25, 35, 45, 55, and 70 points. These tokens can be exchanged for a special Lost Ark Gold Chest at Gold Shops. There are three types:

80 Tokens: Hefty Gold Sack - Gives you 200 gold, and either a thin gold bar (worth 100 gold) or a thick gold bar (worth 1000 gold).

200 Tokens: Small Safe - Gives you 600 gold, and either a thin gold bar (worth 100 gold) or a thick gold bar (worth 1000 gold).

500 Tokens: Large Gold Chest - Gives you 1250 gold, as well as a thin gold bar (worth 100 gold), a thick gold bar (worth 1000 gold), or a giant gold bar (worth 10000 gold). You should always choose these as the giant gold bars value are too high to skip.

As shown above, the amount of gold you get from Una's Tasks is fairly random, but you should get quite a lot of gold on average.

Daily tasks are limited to 3 (reset daily) and 3 weekly tasks (reset weekly). You should never skip weekly tasks as they reward the highest amount of Tokens. If you find a particular task more interesting or easier, you can favorite it to make it easier to spot when it reappears in the list.

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Although the main motivation for performing tasks is gold reward, they will also provide you with NPCs' reputation. Reaching high reputation levels will qualify you for NPC-specific rewards. Some of these rewards may win you a lot of gold, you can view the rewards by clicking the Rep. Info buttons in Una's Tasks tab. 

The above is the way to obtain Lost Ark Gold through daily tasks. In general, completing Una's quests will give you points, and obtaining enough points will give you tokens, Tokens can buy gold chests for you, which contain different amounts of gold. Another way to earn gold quickly is to buy Lost Ark Gold For Sale at cheap prices at, it is a professional selling gold shop.