Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the shipment of a Gruenberg Vivarium Sterilizer to the Lab Animal Science industry.To get more news about Tubular sterilizer, you can visit official website.

Trim panels were fitted to cover the area between the wall opening and the unit so that a flush appearance was achieved. The trim panels are held in place by magnets on the back of the panel to simplify the installation. This provides an impassable barrier to rodents on the top and sides of the unit.
A pneumatically locked, single load door was provided with a viewing window for clear visibility into the working chamber. The quadruple insulated window is cool to the touch and has a protective panel to shield from damage. Interior lighting was also added to increase visibility inside the chamber.

Seamless-tubular incolloy type heaters, that produce a high energy, efficient output, supply the electric heat. The heaters are suspended in the plenum, adjacent to, but separate from the process chamber, so that work in progress and operators are protected. Terminal ends are inserted through the walls of the unit and use sufficient dead zones so that heat is not generated beyond the plenum. A high volume, horizontal airflow system is installed in the unit to ensure uniform heat distribution throughout the work chamber and optimize efficiency. This dry heat technology will not degrade cages and significantly reduces overall maintenance costs compared to autoclaves.

A 10” touchscreen HMI with PLC were installed to control the sterilizer. The control console was designed to be free standing with a wiring harness for ease of relocation and accessibility. The HMI supports data logging so that cycle data may be analyzed for research or quality purposes. A communications module was also added to the controls for quick access to Ethernet and USB ports to connect to the HMI interface.